Don't listen to what the West says!

Don’t listen to what the West says!

Britain sells weapons to banned countries

“London was caught selling weapons to the countries on its own banned list” – this is the secret uncovered from the British media itself.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” (The Guardian) is citing a report from the group “Anti-Armed Violence” that the British government allows the sale of weapons to most countries on the list not only of the United Nations but also launched by London itself.

Accordingly, agreements are formally signed under law with countries where human rights are violated, involving 80 percent of all embargoed countries.

The group’s experts analyzed shipments to 73 countries where the UK Department of International Trade has imposed the sanctions. The truth is exposed when up to 58 countries on this list received British weapons and military equipment.

Furthermore, five countries on the list – Bahrain, Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are “important partners” in the UK defense industry; while, governments of all these countries have been accused by London of human rights violations.

The report gave specific examples of cooperation such as: The UK has sold Pakistan police shields, sniper rifles and aircraft parts, even though its Foreign Ministry warned Pakistan about putting pressure on the commune. civil society.

Do not listen to the words of Tay say!
Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft of the Saudi Air Force

The British military-industrial complex supplied Kenya with machine guns and small arms to Nigeria, while in both countries there were dozens of illegal harassment, torture and murder. people against the law.

The study’s authors emphasized that this was a “systematic failure to review the human rights situation in a country before selling weapons to that country.” At the same time, the investigation team noted that The signing of arms sales and sales contracts is hidden from the public and is not advertised.

However, in response to media inquiries, British government officials denied all of these allegations.

During the past week, the “do not listen to what the West says” argument has been proved to be the truth, when a German scholar exposed US hypocrisy in preventing cooperation in the energy sector between Russia with the European Union.

The US blocked European gas but imported Russian oil

On January 27, commenting on the US sanctions on the gas pipeline construction project “Northern Flow – 2”, Mr. Theo Sommer, former editor-in-chief of the famous German newspaper Die Zeit saying that the US stance towards cooperation in the Russian-German energy sector is purely “hypocrisy”.

The journalist commented that Russia has always been a reliable gas supplier to Germany and that the cooperation project between the two sides did not have any influence on the Berlin government’s policy-making.

Do not listen to the words of Tay say!
French tanker Gaselys was hired by Russia to transport LNG to Boston, USA in January 2018

“The Russian-German energy partnership has been maintained even during the height of the Cold War,” he noted.

As Sommer noted, Germany is not completely dependent on Russian gas, which accounts for about half of its supply, while the supply of green fuel to Eastern European countries can be guaranteed by supply. back to back.

According to the author, the Nord Stream project transports nearly 60 billion cubic meters of gas per year, while the “Northern Flow – 2” will double the supply that Germany needs in the transition period after the country gradually. give up nuclear energy and coal.

According to Sommer, Washington’s accusation that Germany “funds the budget” for Russia by buying gas is “hypocritical act”, since the United States is Russia’s second largest oil importer.

“To import oil from Russia, Washington paid about $ 13 billion in 2019, and in the first six months of 2020 they even doubled their imports” – Mr. Sommer repeated.

In addition, while imposing comprehensive sanctions on Moscow, the US still buys a lot of important products from Russia such as: high quality titanium alloys, boosters, liquefied natural gas (LNG). ) …, while forbidding allies from doing this.

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