Don’t let mobile phones become electronic babysitters, nurture children to grow up-united daily

(Newspaper, Miri, 17th) “With the care of parents, the cultivation of teachers, and the care of society, children will have a broader, more stable, and farther learning path.”
Miri Tai Po Kindergarten held a welcome party for the “Happy Family” in the new school year this morning. The chairman of the kindergarten, Tang Shixuan, welcomed everyone to come and learn about and care about the children’s schooling, and thank you for your trust and support all the way to the kindergarten. , To send the children to the big family in Tai Po kindergarten.
The kindergarten enlightenment education is the starting point of learning in all aspects of life. It is an important step for children to learn at home, which deeply affects their future growth.
He said that the social responsibility of the Tai Po Kindergarten is to fully uphold the belief that “enlightenment education is the foundation of all education”, emphasize the quality training of teachers, adopt multi-learning teaching programs, and use the curriculum in a lively way to cultivate children’s active exploration and thinking instead of blindly using Taught in an authoritative and commanded manner, so that the child’s interest in learning is overdrawn.
“We believe that” there are no children who cannot and cannot be taught, but only wrong teaching methods “, so parents can become close partners of the board of directors in fostering the healthy growth of children.”
The Tai Po Kindergarten also runs afternoon tutoring and tuition classes, specifically for the inconvenience of double-paid parents in picking up and dropping off their children, and giving them a better learning environment in the afternoon. He encouraged parents to continue to settle their children in the afternoon tutoring school after school in the morning, and do not pick them up until after work in the evening. During the tutoring class, the school will arrange children to take a shower, lunch, nap, refreshments, tuition and games, while the tutoring class is for the work of the parents, and will not be closed during the vacation, and continue to attend classes as usual.
He said that today’s children are facing the temptation of many technology TV mobile phones. During the growth of children, these electronic products must not be turned into “electronic nanny” for children, so as not to cause adverse effects on children in the future. Children should grow up happily in a lively and healthy environment.
He believes that today’s orientation will not only make children feel the interaction and connection with classmates, the love and enthusiasm of teachers, but also familiarize parents with the environment of kindergartens, and promote communication and emotions with teachers. He hoped that the children and their parents would study hard, live a happy life, pursue their dreams, and give the children a blue sky.

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