Don't buy the phone advertised in the MV Give it to Son Tung M-TP - Photo 1.

Don't buy the phone advertised in the "Give it to me" MV by Son Tung M-TP

After more than 1 year of silence, finally the latest music product of Son Tung M-TP – "Give it to me" was officially launched. And to mark this event, the music video of "Let's give it to you" was invested more seriously than ever: this Thai Binh native had to go to Los Angeles (USA) to film the MV, even invited both rapper Snoop Dogg is famous and Madison Beer is hot to increase the appeal.

Son Tung M-TP and Snoop Dogg in "Give it to me"

But even if I filmed in the other half selling the other party or inviting foreign stars, Son Tung's new MV still has "specialties" that are unmistakable compared to the previous MVs. From a technological perspective, that "specialty" is the advertising screen for Oppo phones.

Every time Son Tung makes a new MV, Oppo always seeks to bring his product image, more or less, into that MV. And just like the Son Tung M-TP phenomenon, every Oppo smartphone associated with this guy image quickly became a phenomenon of sales.

This time with "Give it to me", it is not difficult to recognize the appearance of an Oppo phone, although that appearance only lasts about 1 second. Specifically, that machine is the Oppo F9.

Normally, Oppo always equips Son Tung with the latest product in his MV. But this time everything is different: the Oppo F9 in "Give it to me" has been around for nearly a year (8/2018), even it was succeeded by F11 and F11 Pro in late March / 2019.

Currently, Oppo F9 is being priced at 6.49 million for 4GB RAM version and 6.99 million for 6GB RAM version. Meanwhile, the Oppo F11 costs 7.29 million, which is just over a few hundred thousand. However, don't regret it – a few hundred thousand will be a few hundred thousand most valuable, because the Oppo F11 outperforms the Oppo F9 in every way. You can refer to the comparison table below to see this clearly.

Don't buy the phone advertised in the MV Give it to Son Tung M-TP - Photo 2.

Compared to F9, F11 is a very significant upgrade. New design, stronger chip, bigger screen, better camera, "buffalo" battery, faster charging, newer operating system version … will be extremely wrong to own Oppo F9 at the time. This point … unless you are an extremely, extremely loyal fan of Son Tung M-TP and are forced to own an identical idol.

So why did Son Tung M-TP advertise an old product like F9? The error is probably in the majority of this singer. Son Tung M-TP's MV was filmed at the end of 2018, and at that time the F11 was still in development.

From Oppo's perspective, when he spent a huge amount of money to support Son Tung, but to advertise for a product that was almost at the end of its life cycle, perhaps this company was not very satisfied. And, when Oppo officially launched the F line to reach the high-end segment with Reno, plus the company cut advertisements for celebrities to turn to sports events like Wimbledon, people Also ask: how long does the relationship between Oppo and Son Tung M-TP last?

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