Don't be a tech guy all this summer - Photo 1.

Don't be a tech boy all this summer

1. Run outside ‘bo’ to experience the outside world

If your goal is to escape this summer to be able to hang out with a beautiful opponent, you must learn to change and practice getting used to things you never knew.

It's time for you to step out of your comfort zone, to get rid of the year-round habits throughout the month so you're not confident enough to get to know someone.

Instead of glancing at the screen on the computer and shouting to the brothers on PUBG, 'run' in real life by joining a group of joggers and health-boosters who just know, have a beautiful girl Some healthy are waiting for you.

Changing looks is also a way boys should apply. Stop dressing sleazyly and messing around with tech nerd guys, rework your hair and refresh your wardrobe with healthy summer outfits and diligently go out to meet new friends.

Don't be a tech boy all this summer - Photo 2.

Only refresh yourself by shaking off old habits that have a door to the next round of girls

2. ‘try-hard’ friend to win her heart

In school you are always taught that only studying is diligent, diligent that you become a good student, but that is not a good advice when conquering girls.

Removing her bomb in Facebook Messenger inbox every day will scare her and stay away from you. Instead, find smarter ways to attract her by recording her lovely moments, she will be surprised because you look 'hard' but can be as creative and subtle as so.

You don't need to spend money or too much time to do this, you only need 1 phone with Slow-motion video recording function such as HONOR 8X. Take advantage of the moments when she plays with pets or sip sweet milk tea with friends to record these cute movies!

Don't be a tech boy all this summer - Photo 3.

Take advantage of less exploitative technology features to shoot videos that make your girlfriend admiring

3. You are so addicted to technology shopping … you don't have money to go out with your girlfriend

If your hand is too brow, whether you make or have a lot of money, you can't hold it. Excessive spending can ruin your budget: excessive spending on big things at the same time as traveling, buying expensive technology that satisfies collector's interest … If so, how do you have it? Can I save some money to hang out with my girlfriend?

One of the most common complaints of boys without balanced budgets is "I don't make enough money". In fact, the problem is not how much they earn, but that they don't know the reasonable bargains around you. Take advantage of these bargains you will save a lot, enough to take your girlfriend to eat at Landmark 81 to chill or dozens of milk tea flavors offline!

Don't be a tech guy all this summer - Photo 4.
Don't be a tech boy all this summer - Photo 5.

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