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Donnie Yen admits that Vietnamese boxers are the strongest opponents

In the movie The 10 th decade (2009) directed by Trần Đức Sam, Cung Lê takes on the role of a Qing assassin and has a fight with Chinese martial arts star Chan Tu Dan. After that, Donnie Yen himself must also praise the talented Vietnamese boxers.

In the film, Cung Le cooperates with Donnie Yen and makes the martial arts star worried about the melancholy punches of Vietnamese-born boxers. Donnie Yen admits: “Cung Le is the strongest opponent I’ve ever encountered in action movies ever.”

“Fighting with Cung Le is like wrestling with bulls. Cung Le is the strongest opponent I’ve ever faced in all the fight scenes so far. Because he has strong and strong martial arts, I Be especially careful “, Donnie Yen shared.

Donnie Yen is not only impressed with Cung Le’s martial arts, but also Vietnamese-origin MMA boxers also ‘teach’ the movie star. When performing together, Cung Le said to Donnie Yen: “Why are we using such old tricks?” Thanks to that, in the movie, two people are not only type traditional martial arts that use both Parkour and techniques from Kickboxing.



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