Dong Zijian's smoking action has caused heated debate. Can he really match Wang Baoqiang's classic?

Dong Zijian’s smoking action has caused heated debate. Can he really match Wang Baoqiang’s classic?

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The Lunar New Year files in 2021 are extremely cruel. Except for “Hello, Li Huanying” soaring into the sky, almost no work can escape the envelope of “Detective Chinatown 3”.

Before the movie “Assassinated Novelist” was released, it was hailed as the most likely work to become a dark horse, but today’s 600 million box office data is far from the true color of the dark horse.

The cast of the movie “Assassination of Novelists” is very strong. Yang Mi, Tong Liya and Lei Jiayin, etc., are now the first-line stars in the entertainment industry and have a good box office appeal.

Yu Hewei, Guo Jingfei, and Dong Jie are old comedies that have long been famous, and the lineup can be called luxurious.

The most important thing is that the subject matter of this film is relatively new. It is a big production that integrates science fiction, suspense and action. The picture of the film is also quite beautiful, which is in line with the audience’s aesthetics.

The current rating of the film on Douban is only 7 points, which does not meet the expectations of the audience at all.

After all, in addition to the theme advantages of this work, a group of old dramas can also bring high bonuses.

However, since the film was released, the discussion on the whole network has been very low. The only thing that can be called out of the circle is Dong Zijian’s smoking scene.

Born in 1993, Dong Zijian is the youngest actor among all the leading actors, but he is an out-and-out “old drama.”

In the early years, when people mentioned Dong Zijian, they always thought of his mother Wang Jinghua.

But with the advent of one after another masterpieces such as “Youth School” and “Great River”, the audience has a new understanding of Dong Zijian.

Dong Zijian is a true star, but he is also one of the most hard-working star two.

You should be able to see this from his works.

In “Assassination of Novelists”, Dong Zijian’s novelist is only the male second, but his performance is not inferior to the dramas such as Lei Jiayin and Guo Jingfei.

Take Dong Zijian’s smoking scene, it can be regarded as the most amazing picture in the film.

The novelist Lu Kongwen he plays is an out-and-out genius, and his heart is always empty and lonely.

Randomly shaking body, slightly lowered head, slowly paused in thinking while smoking, a section of unremarkable pictures, but pieced together into a burst of performance, the invincible emptiness and loneliness in the heart is completely coldly deduced, which can be called a whole The climax of this film.

Dong Zijian’s performance was amazing enough to fully deserve the title of “excellent actor”.

After watching this clip, the audience couldn’t help but think of another textbook-like smoking performance.

That is Wang Baoqiang’s pinnacle work-“Hello! Mr. Tree.

Wang Baoqiang’s smoking scene in “Mr. Tree” is actually similar to Dong Zijian.

They all want to express the same inner feelings, and the summary is: Brother smokes not cigarettes, but loneliness.

So, are these two performances comparable?

Let’s start from the background of these two characters to discuss.

Mr. Tree is a “mental illness” living in a fantasy world.

The hearts of this type of people are often elusive, but Wang Baoqiang is undoubtedly the essence of the performance.

When Mr. Tree was ridiculed, he used a cigarette to convey his embarrassment and shame to the audience.

When he gains respect and love, he still uses cigarettes to convey his inner satisfaction and joy to the audience.

A simple shot of smoking, deduced complex changes in the mind, undoubtedly reached the highest level of performance.

The role of Lu Kongwen played by Dong Zijian is actually more relevant to life.

As mentioned at the beginning of the film, he is a decadent literary youth who “gnaws old” at home.

This image is everywhere in today’s society.

People always say that art comes from life, and Dong Zijian has undoubtedly grasped this point. The anxiety, loneliness and loneliness in the hearts of decadent young people are revealed by a flue, which is very vivid.

In terms of visual impact, these two performances each have their own advantages, and they are quite different in the same way.

However, Wang Baoqiang’s performance can capture the hearts of the audience and resonate with everyone, because his bursting performance runs through the entire work, while Dong Zijian has only one fragment, which is relatively thin.

For these two smoking scenes, who do you think is better?


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