Trump's impeachment began with the war on the Constitution

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial began with a war on the Constitution

The trial of former US President Donald Trump opened on February 9 with a debate over the constitutionality of the trial of a retired President.

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According to the AP, the nine Democrats in charge of impeachment would argue that Trump alone should be responsible for inciting a violent mob to break into the US congress office and disrupt the vote count. The president of the electors.

Meanwhile, the former President’s lawyers argued that the trial was a violation of the constitution and the former president was exercising his right to free speech as he told his supporters to fight to overturn his defeat. .

The 9/2 trial starts at noon and can last until the evening. Inception is a debate to undo the process before it even begins.

Trump’s lawyers said the impeachment trial was a matter to discuss because Mr. Trump was out of office. And that, 45 Republican senators once voted to cancel the trial on these grounds.

According to the schedule, the Senate debated the constitutionality of the trial for 4 hours and then conducted a vote on whether to cancel it.

The attempt to cancel the trial is expected to fail and allow the debates to begin on Feb. 10.

Democrats have invoked many legal scholars, including conservatives, who argue that the trial is valid under the Constitution. Democrats brought impeachment in 1876 on a resigned War Secretary and argued that Trump was impeached before leaving office.

Trump’s lawyers, meanwhile, have denied that precedent and said the language of the Constitution is on their side.

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The US Senate starts impeachment of Mr. Trump

The US Senate starts impeachment of Mr. Trump

Today (9/2), the US Senate kicked off the second impeachment hearing of Mr. Trump with sharp arguments from both the defense lawyers and the prosecutors.

Many Republicans defended Mr. Trump, opposed impeachment

Many Republicans defended Mr. Trump, opposed impeachment

Before the US Senate proceeded to impeach former President Donald Trump, many Republicans stood up for him with sharp arguments.


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