Chuyên gia: Trump viết lại chiến lược đối phó với ĐCSTQ, Biden khó lòng đảo ngược

Donald Trump Jr: The impeachment trial made Mr. Trump stronger

The son of former President Trump is Donald Trump Jr. that the Senate impeachment trial could have the opposite effect, and that the Democrats’ rhetoric in the House could turn people away from them.

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The Washington Examiner reported on Thursday (February 11), Donald Trump Jr. identified: “It [phiên tòa đó] vengeful; they are trying to severely punish someone after what happened. But that only made Mr. Trump stronger because people were starting to see how ridiculous it was. ”

Former President Trump did not comment publicly on the matter because he was banned on most social media platforms, and instead expressed his opinion through his lawyer.

The impeachment trial is scheduled to last until the end of the week. Some Republican senators have predicted that the trial will end on Sunday (February 14). Moreover, the likelihood of impeaching Trump is very low, as the Senate requires 67 consensus votes, while only six Republican senators sided with the Democrats.

House Democrats voted on Trump impeachment last month for allegedly inciting violence at the Capitol during the Jan. 6 Joint Session of Congress to certify election results. During the impeachment trial, they released a new, edited video of the Capitol turmoil.

However, according to former President’s defense attorney David Schoen, with that video, Democrats could not link Trump to the US Capitol hack. “I think they’re making a movie. You know, they have no way of associating it with [cái tên] Donald Trump is fine. ”

In addition, the Democrats did not provide any new evidence of “inciting”. His presentation on Feb. 10 on the issue of “inciting” largely reviewed statements from the House trial summary, focusing on Trump’s tweets and public statements.

Trump Jr. While Democrats relentlessly criticize and bring charges against Trump, they may face unpredictable consequences for not following their agenda to help Americans.

“We are in the midst of a pandemic with hundreds of thousands of people dying, and the Senate has done nothing better than spend a week trying to criticize the First Amendment,” The former president’s son told Examiner.

Earlier, Donald Trump Jr told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Feb. 9: “I think, [phiên tòa luận tội này] will finally show Americans how ridiculous it is and how far it goes. [Đảng Dân chủ] are actually shooting themselves in the leg because I think they’ve lost all their credibility as truth arbitration because no one believes they are [những người] true.”

On the course of the trial, Mr. Jason Miller, an adviser to the former president, said that Trump’s lawyers “will complete” their arguments by February 12.

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