Donald Trump Jr: Republicans need to respond or 'never win the election'

Donald Trump Jr: Republicans need to respond or ‘never win the election’

Donald Trump Jr – the eldest son of former US President Donald Trump – on Tuesday (Feb. 9) said that Republicans need to respond to Democrats to ensure electoral integrity, otherwise they will can never win the election again.

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If Republicans don’t come out, if they don’t act, if they don’t respond, if they do what they’ve been trying to do is ‘take the pain without a response’, assume they’re up to the principles, and give their fate [Đảng Dân chủ], then they will never win the election again“Donald Trump Jr told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on February 9.

Therefore, they should take this lesson to make sure that we will eventually have electoral fairness, we must finally do the right thing, [các cuộc bầu cử] would not be manipulated this way, otherwise their views and their work etc would cease to exist for the next two years.”Added Donald Trump.

During Trump’s second impeachment, 10 congressmen and 6 Republican senators sided with Democrats to vote to hold the impeachment of the former president, despite his group of lawyers. Trump has argued that this impeachment trial was a violation of the US Law.

Mr. Donald Trump Jr predicts that the Americans will almost certainly oppose the 45th impeachment hearing of the US President.

I think, [phiên tòa luận tội này] will finally show Americans how ridiculous it is and how far it goes. [Đảng Dân chủ] are actually shooting themselves in the leg because I think they’ve lost all their credibility as truth arbitration because no one believes they are [những người] true“Mr. Donald Trump Jr said.

The eldest son of former President Trump went on to say: “[Đảng Dân chủ] realized [các phiên tòa luận tội] purely political attacks, partisan bias. And we’ve known that for a while. But they continue to show us that it’s actually worse than we can imagine every day.“.

Mr. Donald Trump Jr also reaffirmed that Mr. Trump did nothing wrong on January 6 and that in fact he called on his supporters to act “peacefully“And”Patriot“For their voices to be heard.

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