Domestic violence She "loved" him, but was afraid of it

Domestic violence She “loved” him, but was afraid of it

A woman who stayed with her abusive partner “out of love” for nearly four years was found guilty on Friday of a string of charges of violence against her and sexual assault causing bodily harm .

In the past, Patrick Boivin, 35, was sentenced to 14 months in prison for assaulting a victim in addition to harassing him.

Despite several months of therapy performed in an organization aimed at helping men with violent and controlling behaviors, Boivin relapsed in 2017 when a new spouse entered his life.

Jealous and possessive

“Right from the start, Mister was controlling, jealous and possessive. Following a quarrel, he decided to punish his wife by sodomizing her. She begged him to stop, but nothing helped. The penetration lasted from five to ten minutes, ”Judge Pierre L. Rousseau recalled in his decision.

After the assault, Boivin specified to his victim that he could “now forgive him”.

Throughout the relationship, the man controlled the whereabouts of the victim, watched his cell phone and kept telling him that he was going to “pick up a better one.”

Following another argument, which occurred during a Christmas party, Boivin hit the young woman by slapping her and punching her in the face.

“The next day, Mr. cries and promises not to start again”, added the magistrate during the reminder of the facts.

This hell continued and Boivin multiplied the beatings and punishments either by hitting the victim or by sodomizing her.


One day, taking courage in both hands, the victim announced to her executioner that she was going to leave him. The latter then took her by the hair before throwing her to the ground.

“He then took a fondue fork and placed it over the victim’s throat and threatened to kill her. On another occasion, he placed a knife under the young woman’s throat, telling her that he was going to kill her, ”the judge continued.

If the victim did not denounce Boivin before March 2021, it is because she loved him, but also she feared that he would hurt her more and that he would attack her family.

Asked to make known what she expected from the judicial process, the young woman had said, at the trial, to hope that her torturer receives the appropriate assistance because “at the base, it is a good person”.

The pursuer, Me Geneviève Bédard and the defense lawyer, Me François Cauchon will be back in court, in this case, at the end of August for observations on the sentence. Until then, Boivin remains in detention.


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