Domestic independent games and players: communication is a two-way rush

With the gradual recovery of the domestic indie game market in recent years, a large wave of popular and well-known domestic boutique games continue to emerge, such as last year’s “Tribe and the Scimitar” and “Neon Abyss”, and the explosive “Dyson Ball Project” at the beginning of this year. and many more. On the one hand, domestic independent games are showing a trend of “a hundred flowers blooming”, and the market is stimulating a large number of excellent producers to enter the game. On the other hand, domestic players have a doubled preference for domestic games, and their demands for high-quality domestic games are also increasing day by day.

Linking players with a better gaming experience, and rewarding developers by “paying” for services and content through players, in order to incentivize the production of more high-quality games, this should be the norm in the industry. However, after the game teahouse contacted some independent game developers, it was discovered that the communication between players and developers was not as smooth as expected.

Although many developers rely on QQ groups, WeChat groups, Weibo, forums and other decentralized social platforms to keep in touch with the player groups, feedback delays, discrete information, and cumbersome processes still cannot satisfy independent game developers. Communication needs with the player community. Therefore, the desire to use game platforms to initiate direct dialogue has become a common aspiration of both groups.

From this point of view, how to deepen the two-way communication between developers and players has become the primary concern of domestic game platforms.

(Communication group between developers and users of “Era: Variation”)

Difficulty in communication between developers and players

In the past, the main role of gaming platforms tended to be a channel for buying and selling, and the communication between buyers and sellers was often separated from the platform. However, with the rise of indie games in recent years, the relationship between developers and players has become increasingly close, and the sales method of games has also changed from one-time sales to long-term services, and continuous player communication has become the first priority for most developers. Appeal.

During the game development period, not having an effective publicity platform has become a problem for many independent game developers. Version update information and development progress are difficult to reach the audience effectively in the first time, which means that players’ attention to the game will be greatly affected during the announcement stage.

In addition to the daily announcements during the development period, before the game is released, independent game developers often release a test version to obtain player feedback, so as to adjust the progress and details of the later game. Beiluo, the developer of “Tianjin Town”, previously told the game teahouse that although he is very confident in the quality of the game, he still believes that a large number of players are still needed for pre-market verification. After landing on the WeGame platform in the first round of “Tianjin Town”, Beiluo received a lot of positive feedback from players, such as lack of gameplay, simple guidance for novices, and unsatisfactory game screens. The release date was postponed, and in the second round of testing recently, the art style and UI interface of the game were improved, which greatly enriched the technological system in the game, and won unanimous praise from players.

(User feedback from the “Tianjin Town” community section on WeGame)

In this regard, Deng Yongjin, the vice president of Pasiya Technology, the developer of “Super Bucky Ball”, has a similar view. He believes that testing is an indispensable part of the game, and effective user feedback can promote the iteration and update of the game content. After several rounds of testing on the WeGame platform, the development team found a lot of detailed problems, such as game balance, novice guidance, etc., and made constant adjustments based on user needs.

(User feedback from the “Super Bucky Ball” community section on WeGame)

Even after the game is released, as various game bugs and optimization problems follow one after another, at this time, whether the player’s feedback and demands can quickly and directly reach the development team is even more important. The loss of players often occurs after the game is released. The development team cannot provide timely feedback and response to the problems exposed in the game. At this time, effective communication not only shows the sincerity of the development team, but also has a great impact. The final sales of the game.

Of course, for some loyal players, putting forward opinions and expressing opinions on their favorite games has become the main way of dialogue with the development team. However, if you want to link the two parties to solve the problem, you need an opportunity to deepen communication with each other.

On the one hand, users cannot get the game’s development progress, update information, or even publicity activities in the first time, which will greatly reduce players’ expectations for the game. On the other hand, whether it is during the testing phase of the game or after the release, players prefer the development team to listen to their demands. The lack of such a communication platform, the dispersal of feedback channels, and the delay in information transmission will inevitably create a gap between the two parties.

From this point of view, how to conduct effective two-way communication has become a major communication pain point between game developers and players.

What you need to communicate is to go both ways

Wanting to upgrade communication means that the game platform is not just a “large store”, but needs to deepen and promote direct dialogue between developers and players while providing opportunities for communication. In this regard, the WeGame platform, which integrates new product announcements, game trials, player communities, and live broadcast interaction, obviously plays an important role in it.

On April 23, 37 new games were collectively unveiled on the “2021 WeGame Game Night”. With the effective integration of WeGame platform resource information, players’ game acquisition is simpler and more straightforward. For most game developers, the platform’s announcement Sending recommendations also makes the drainage of new products faster and more effective.

(A variety of new games will appear on WeGame Game Night 2021)

If “Game Night” is a collective “muscle show” of domestic games, then the subsequent “Trial Festival” can be regarded as a bold attempt to deepen the communication between developers and users.

In essence, game trial play is more like an in-depth communication between players and developers with the aid of game testing. While players are trying new games, they will publish the relevant evaluation experience on the platform and pass them to the developers as soon as possible, and the developers will quickly optimize and adjust the game according to the players’ demands, thus forming a virtuous circle. For example, the producer of “Reshaping Mars” updated 16 game versions in just one day, and most of the updates came from direct feedback from players in the demo festival.

(Announcement on the update of the game version on the WeGame platform by the production team of “Reshaping Mars”)

In addition, the platform officially invited the creators of the four games “Road to Awakening”, “Era: Mutation”, “Come in the Bowl” and “Super Bucky Ball” to communicate with players and anchors on the platform. . Deng Yongjin, the vice president of Pasiya Technology, said frankly that he would do more such activities in the future. They have been broadcasting live on various platforms before, and the efficiency of communication with the players through barrage is extremely limited. However, this time, the direct “voice line” with the players at the trial festival not only enhances the depth of communication with each other, but also accelerates Verification and modification of user feedback.

Producers from many new works such as “Box Fission”, “Sink and Float”, “Movies of Ink Shadow” and other new works have also answered online players’ questions one by one through the “Producers Reading Comments” activity. Among them, the development team of “Road to Awakening” almost responded to every comment from the players. In response to significant problems such as too few resources and too high difficulty, the development team stated that it would make improvements in the follow-up development and was full of sincerity. Zhang Yi, the producer of “Come in the Bowl”, even said that he was “straightforward” and said half-jokingly: “I will definitely read your comments, but I don’t have to change them.”

(The “Road to Awakening” development team responded to almost every user feedback on the WeGame platform)

From the perspective of the overall activities arranged on the “Game Night”, the WeGame platform is more like a bridge between game developers and players. This two-way communication is not only limited to simple text feedback, but through multiple This form of communication and exchange of the demands and wishes of both parties.

Game developers and players communicate more quickly and conveniently, and feedback information is more comprehensive and timely, which is helpful for the optimization and adjustment of later game development. In addition, localization, live broadcast, community, and multi-dimensional integrated platform functions can further enhance the influence of the game brand and provide players with better gaming experience and services.

For players, they can quickly get the latest updates, development progress, and release information of the concerned game. They can actively provide feedback during the trial stage, feel their enthusiasm through the timely response of the development team, and experience directly through direct communication. Participate in game development.


If in the past, the sale of games was just a one-off sale, nowadays, this kind of sale is more like a long-term service. By actively interacting with players, paying attention to their expressions and making long-term adjustments and optimizations to the development of the game, it has become the direction of most developers’ long-term efforts.

Therefore, whether it is the appearance of dozens of new games on the night of the game or the “planning face-to-face” activities at the trial festival, the WeGame platform always regards itself as a link between developers and players, and through various active attempts to effectively implement two-way communication .

In addition, through the platform’s resource integration, developers’ new products can quickly get more exposure, and users can more directly obtain more information and content related to boutique games.

It is believed that the WeGame platform will further grow over time, and help developers and players communicate with each other through the advantages of the platform. A one-way link is bound to become a two-way rush.

Source: Game Tea House


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