Domestic Independent Game Developers Report 2020

2020 is a special year. The epidemic has restricted people’s social activities, but it has little impact on game developers and has not affected their development too much. We have now analyzed the data provided by members of the indienvoa site in 2020. The increase in the number of games this year is the largest in the past, and the statistical results will also be more accurate. We hope to truly reflect the current status of independent development in China for development. Reference for personnel and students who are interested in the development of domestic independent games.

Indienova site developer functions

According to statistics on the site, indienova’s developer functions are currently distributed. There is basically no obvious change in the approximate ratio.

Note that there are many developers who hold multiple roles, which is also common in the independent development phase.

In addition, 16.36% of developers hope to find partners.

Note: The statistical sample is only based on developers who have defined their own functions/division of labor

Main types of games developed

According to the developer’s own choice, the type that currently accounts for the largest proportion of games developed by everyone is role-playing, which is the same as before, but the proportion of action games has increased, and the proportion of casual puzzle games has been decreasing year by year.

Subdivision type of game development

From the perspective of subdivision types, the proportion of puzzle games has declined, while the proportion of strategy games has increased, and the proportion of board games has risen sharply. It should be contributed by card games, while pure art games have contributed. The proportion is negligible.

Selected game development engine

In terms of engine selection, it is almost undisputed that Unity is far ahead, but the proportion has declined. Unreal Engine is still the second in the millennium, but its proportion has risen by more than a point, which is quite obvious. RPG Maker is still in third place. It is worth noting that the number of games developed with Godot has begun to increase, and the proportion is enough to make it into the list.

Game platform

The target platform has not changed much, but this year we changed the statistical method, because a game may support multiple platforms, so the data shown below is the proportion of the platform in all games, for example: based on the development submitted by members In the game data, 75.74% of member games support the Windows platform.

Number of Developer Team

In terms of team size, there are still many developers working alone (of course, it is not excluded that many developers do not list outsourcers as team members).

Note: The statistical sample is only based on games with team members

Number of member games issued

Listed here is the number of games released by developers over the years (based on the release date entered by the developer, some may skip tickets, and many have not entered). The number of games released in 2020 is less than before. , We have also noticed this, but the overall quality should have increased.

Main distribution platform for member games

Steam is obviously the platform of choice for everyone, but this year we changed the statistical method because a game may support multiple platforms and will be released and sold on different stores. Therefore, the data shown below is the proportion of the platform in all released games. For example, according to the development game data submitted by members, 64.95% of member games are released on the Steam platform.

Note: The statistical sample is only based on the data of the store link address and type provided by the developer


All game-related data comes from indienova’s member game database. The game data currently has more than 4,000 games and is still increasing. Since these data are entered and maintained by the developers themselves, they are first-hand true, reliable, and continuously updated data. Based on these data, we compiled this annual report, which is believed to represent the status quo of independent game development in China to a certain extent.

Source: indienova


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