Doing these 2 will make your iPhone work faster

Doing these 2 will make your iPhone work faster

( Clear cache, history and cookies on Safari and iOS will help your iPhone free up more memory, work faster and smoother.

Occasionally while using the iPhone, you will experience stuttering, less smooth when first purchased. Many people think the cause is an old iOS or bug. However, in fact it may be because the iPhone is full of cache. When the cache is full, the iPhone’s application processing will be slow.

The cache, also known as the clipboard, is a temporary storage of data for the applications you use frequently. Some apps consume gigabytes of cached data.

For this reason, you will need to clear the cache for apps from time to time, and especially the Safari web browser. Clear the cache for Safari and certain apps can free up space on your iPhone thereby improving processing speed and performance.

How to clear Safari’s cache, history and cookies

– Step 1: Open Settings and click on Safari app;

– Step 2: Click on “Clear history and website data”;

– Step 3: Your device will double check if you want to delete Safari data then you will choose “Clear history and website data”;

So you have finished clearing cache and history and cookies on Safari web browser.

How to clear cache on iPhone for apps

– Step 1: Open settings

– Step 2: Select General> iPhone Storage

– Step 3: Select the application you want to clear the cache, then choose to remove the application. This will reduce the amount of apps installed on iPhone, including the cache, but still retain the app’s data. When you need to use it, you will just need to hit reinstall and not re-sign in as if you wiped the data completely.

So just clear the cache with the two ways above, you will reduce the load of unnecessary data stored on the iPhone, thereby adding more storage space and improving processing speed for the device.


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