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Does the 150cc car need to equip ABS?

In the review of the 150R CBR, I read that there were some brothers who commented that the car only had 150cc, it needed to be equipped with ABS. So I wrote this article to share ABS in practical experience and invite you to discuss whether this anti-lock braking system is necessary for small displacement vehicles?

ABS – Anti-lock Braking System – is a safety system equipped on vehicles to help the driver easily master the steering wheel when braking suddenly. This idea was originally introduced in the 1950s, before that in 1908, J. F. Fancis introduced the "Anti-slip adjustment" system. The Bosch company also had an idea to study this system in 1930. The ABS electric system was first produced in 1978. It is easy to see that ABS is a long-standing technology for a long time. .

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ABS on current vehicles usually includes the following components:

  • Speed ​​sensor to determine wheel acceleration. The feeling of using magnets and its mechanism is the Hall effect, or a wheel with roasting and electromagnet core to receive signals.
  • Valves are responsible for controlling the hydraulic pressure acting on the braking force.
  • Hydraulic pumps are used to create pressure, from which brake fluid will impact and provide brake power to the system. Hydraulic pumps and valves can be classified as one hydraulic control unit.
  • The controller is viewed as a brain, it will sense when the car needs to activate ABS.

When running at certain programmed speeds, usually 20 to 30 km / h, the ABS system will start to be activated. If in some cases we brake suddenly, the controller will analyze the data from the wheel, thereby giving the command to control the valve so that the hydraulic system adjusts so that the wheel is not blocked. If the wheels get stuck, the brakes will be extremely easy to cause the operator to fall and roll. Invite you to watch the video of the difference between the ABS and the ABS-free car below to make it easier to imagine:

Sharing about personal experience: when choosing to buy CBR at a price of nearly 10 million more expensive than the Yamaha R15v3 or Suzuki GSX 150R, I'm really confused. The most obvious advantage of the CBR 150R is a 2-channel ABS system equipped for both front and rear wheels, and besides, the other two small displacement cars can be said to be overwhelming Honda CBR. But after I bought it, I affirmed this was an extremely correct decision.

In times of winning times, a small moment I felt the wheel prepared to "go" on the road, at this time ABS beat continuously and I could continue to control the steering wheel and handle the situation, avoiding the situation. extremely slipping or falling effectively. If you watch the video above, you can recognize this. Say, you do not scold me young buffalo but really no one wants to sit on the sport Currently, the market for two-wheelers in Vietnam has many vehicles equipped with ABS, such as the NVC 155cc, the new FreeGo of the Yamaha only has 125cc but also equipped with ABS, …

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So, according to you, are small, 125cc, 150cc cars needed to be equipped with ABS and should we see ABS as a standard equipment? Currently Winner X information will be upgraded to ABS brake, I support because these underbone are inherently light, winning is very easy to break.

Note a few things: You should not rely on the ABS system but drive a car to inform the kindergarten, do not think that if the steering wheel is weak, the ABS will become better. In fact this system will support you in safety, but how safe it depends on how the driver of the traffic. Wishing you safe driving : D

Lê Phú Khương

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