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Does Apple know all your security data?

Apple is known to be a very good data security company, and people use Apple products because they believe it is more secure than others, less likely to be stolen. So does Apple really "secure" users? Apple knows and doesn't know what about you?

Apple has previously used two security methods: First, they only collect your information as little as possible, in other words "rarely". Second, Apple will encrypt your information and data.

The data is only saved on the device:

Secure the fingerprint and face within Apple's own security system called "Secure Encalve", and it can be used to access the system, unlock, authenticate, purchase applications, … Method of protection This secret will also be saved on the device's chip. So if you change iPhone / iPad, you must authenticate Touch ID and Face ID separately from the beginning.

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In the Photo Library section (Photos), will authenticate the faces of each person you captured earlier. It is saved to an album called "People". This data is stored on the device, not saved on Apple's server.

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Data in the Map application, locate, … Will be sent to Apple server, however it will be an anonymous data code on the device, Apple will not directly read your Apple ID. .

  • Apple Pay: Although not available in Vietnam, but for some brothers who live and work abroad, note that Apple will not save your transaction history, only save when you pay for your product. Apple through Apple Pay.

The data is completely encrypted

  • Messages iMessage and FaceTime:

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Messages or FaceTime calls, contacts, contact names, etc. will be completely encrypted. Apple cannot intercept or intervene, even if ordered by police or courts.

The data is encrypted but Apple can read it

  • Backup on iCloud: Apple holds every backup on your iCloud account even if it's encrypted. This case will allow intervention law requiring Apple to disclose iCloud backup data of users. Or worse, if an Apple employee is in vandalism or fraud, iCloud Backups of the user might be exposed.
  • Siri:

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Siri data is encrypted but Apple has the right to decode it for processing information.

  • Email: Data from email sent and received is encrypted as TLS, but Apple can still read it if they want.
  • Safari Bookmarks: Apple can read, but for new iOS 13 and macOS Catalina data Safari will be completely encrypted, Apple will not interfere anymore.

Data that Apple certainly knows

All transactions to buy applications, buy music, movies, service subscriptions, … Apple knows all and can read details of payment addresses, history, … Reasons for Apple to have can give you optional suggestions on finding applications, movies, etc. As I think Apple knows this is not too serious, if there is any need to review the service registration information, or need to cancel the package, the user will be easier to handle.


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