Does air-purifying air conditioner really efficiently filter the air? - VnReview

Does air-purifying air conditioner really efficiently filter the air? – VnReview

Creating a healthy living space is a common need of many families, especially families living in heavily polluted cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In response to that demand, LG and many manufacturers have released air conditioner models with air purification function. However, many people still wonder whether these models of air conditioner are effective enough to bring a clean indoor atmosphere?

To answer that question, we tested the air conditioner with LG V10APFN air filter function. This is an inverter conditioner with a capacity of 9200 BTU with a announced price of 12.9 million. In the air filter function, this air conditioner is equipped with a 3M filter that filters out microscopic dust particles of 0.3 micrometers and a sensor to measure environmental dust concentrations.

Test environment

The test room has an area of ​​18m2 on the apartment.

During the test, we installed this air conditioner in a bedroom of about 18 square meters on an apartment in Cau Giay district, Hanoi. This room area is slightly larger than the capacity of 9200 BTU (suitable for 15m2 back room) of the air conditioner. Therefore, the test results in this lesson may be better if the room area is more suitable. The test device is a dedicated air dust concentration meter HT9600 that measures dust at PM2.5 and PM10 sizes and temperature, noise and electricity meters to test other functions of the air conditioner.

Dedicated dust concentration meter HT9600.

Speaking of little about air dust, the common concern now is the PM2.5 and PM10 dust indexes. PM2.5 is a 2.5 micrometer fine ultrafine dust particle again, while PM10 is 10 micrometres back. In particular, PM2.5 is the most worrisome dust because they penetrate directly into the lungs and are considered the most important index to assess the current level of air pollution. According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), reducing PM2.5 dust concentration from 35 micrograms / m3 to 10 micrograms / m3 can reduce the risk of death from air pollution by about 15%.

LG V10APFN air conditioner has an air filter module above the cold

Measure air quality before and after turning on the air conditioner

Through testing with different time frames from 30 minutes to 8 hours continuously overnight, this LG conditioner shows the ability to effectively filter dust, especially when running overnight.

Dust concentration in the room before testing: PM2.5 is 49 micrograms / m3, PM10 is 149 micrograms / m3.

Specifically, the first test took place around 4 pm in a sunny day in Hanoi. Before the test, the actual dust concentration in the room has a PM2.5 index of 49 micrograms / m3 and a PM10 index of 149 micrograms / m3. Meanwhile, the control panel on LG air conditioner appears yellow warning, ie air quality is not very good for health. After 15 minutes of turning on the air conditioner, PM2.5 and PM10 index decreased by about 40% in both indices, 30 micrograms / m3 with PM2.5 and 91 microgam / m3 with PM10 index. After half an hour, the dust level continued to drop sharply, PM2.5 was only 26 micrograms / m3 and PM10 was 78 micrograms / m3, which means that the level of dust was reduced by half compared to the original.

The concentration of dust in the room after 15 minutes turned on the air conditioner …

… and 30 minutes, the dust concentration has decreased by almost half in both PM2.5 and PM10 dust indexes.

Next, we tested a longer time frame of 8 hours to see how the dust filtering effect turned on overnight air conditioning. Before turning on, the actual dust concentration in the room exceeded the safety threshold, the PM2.5 index was 57 micrograms / m3 and the PM10 index reached 911 micrograms, at serious pollution levels. The cause of abnormally high PM10 index may be due to the way our location is air-conditioned with several hundred meters of other apartments in the process of being built. After 8 hours of running the air conditioner, both of the dust in the room were very impressive. PM2.5 is only 4 micrograms / m3 and PM10 is 26 micrograms / m3. At this time, the control panel showing a green notification meant the air in the room was very safe and fresh.

Dust concentration in the room before testing the 8-hour time frame. An unusually high concentration of PM10 dust reaches 911 micrograms / m3, possibly due to dust coming from a nearby building.

After 8 hours, the dust concentration in the room was very low.

Not only in the cooling mode, even the dehumidifying mode (Dry) or just turning on the fan, this air conditioner also filters dust effectively. Thus, on winter days or cool weather, you can still use air conditioning to clean the air in the room. In addition to the two types of PM2.5 and PM10 dust, this air conditioner also filters PM1.0 dust of even smaller size.

Air conditioner with control panel, light on green tree symbol is safe air.

Measure noise, power consumption and cooling efficiency

Along with effective air filtering capability, LG V10APFN air conditioner also works quite power saving, runs smoothly and has good cooling effect. We tested 2 8-hour overnight runs: once set the room temperature 26 degrees to fan high and once to room temperature 27 degrees to the fan automatically. Both nights, the ambient temperature ranged from 31-32 degrees, Hanoi sky was not at the peak of summer but was quite hot.

In both nights, the air conditioner maintains a stable room temperature in accordance with the setting on the control. It also runs smoothly, the noise level measured at the low fan level is 38dB, the average fan is 41dB and the highest fan level is 47dB. In order to make it easier for you to imagine, the National Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment's standard for noise is given to a special quiet area for study and treatment such as libraries, schools and hospitals, which is 50dB during the day (from 6-18h), 45dB at night (from 18-22h) and 40dB at bedtime (from 22-6h); For residential and hotels, the permissible noise level is 60dB during the day, 55dB at night and 50dB at bedtime.

The noise level of LG V10APFN operation is at the lowest fan level, about 38dB.

The noise level of LG V10APFN operation is at the average fan level, about 41dB.

The noise level of LG V10APFN operation at the highest blower level, increased to 47dB.

In terms of electricity consumption, air conditioning uses 0.784 numbers of electricity on the day of setting the temperature of 27 degrees and 0.938 electric days of setting the temperature of 26 degrees. In a simple way, this air conditioner will use about 24 to 29 electricity numbers per month if you turn on 8 hours a day, equivalent to about 60-95 thousand VND depending on the general electricity consumption of the family. This number may be lower if the use of air conditioning daily is less than 8 hours. However, the actual electricity consumption also depends on the weather conditions, the more temperature difference, the more air conditioner will run.

The machine consumes 0,784 power after 8 hours at room temperature set at 27 degrees.

Electricity consumption increased to 0.938 electricity after 8 hours of use at room temperature set at 26 degrees.


Thus, through the tests of VnReview, LG air purifiers can really be effective in filtering small and ultra-small dust, bringing a fresher atmosphere and significantly reducing the risk of respiratory diseases caused by dust.

Video of testing process of air filter, power consumption and noise level of LG V10APFN air conditioner.

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