Les médecins veulent faire payer les consultations non honorées
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Doctors want to pay for missed consultations

Doctors want to pay for missed consultations

Monday October 7, 2019

To fight against forgotten appointments, doctors could charge for their consultations. To this end, a petition has been launched and plans to amend an article of law.

28 million consultations are not honored each year

Do you find that it takes a long time to make a medical appointment and you spend too much time in the waiting room? Well imagine that doctors also have their grievances! For example, they deplore all of these patients who do not show up for an appointment when they have not bothered to cancel it.

Each year, these are 28 million consultations that are not honored, is ” 40 minutes lost per day per doctor “Say our colleagues from Capital. An unacceptable figure, especially since hospital emergencies are saturated and suffer from an increase in admissions with 21,000 passages per year.

Amend the law to bill for non-honored consultations

For doctors, this type of behavior is a lack of respect for them and reveals a consumerist attitude on the part of patients. A situation which leads them to a fed up and pushed the union of the French Union for a Free Medicine to start a petition. It is addressed to political leaders and claims the possibility of billing for non-honored consultations.

To do this, modify article R.4127-53 of the Public Health Code which indicates that fees can only be claimed for acts actually performed. The petition plans to collect 1,500 signatures. A figure soon reached since to date, 1,434 practitioners signed the petition.

Perrine Deurot-Bien

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