A mental patient in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China was tied up during a blood transfusion. Photo: AFP.
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Doctors beaten to death mental patients

ChinaThree employees of a mental hospital in Guangdong province were arrested after being accused of beating to death a 57-year-old female patient.

Police in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, China, yesterday said they received a report from a man surnamed Chen on November 4 saying his mentally ill mother had died in the process. Treatment at a hospital in the city.

In an interview with Pear Video today, Chen said he received news that his mother, the 57-year-old Guo, was transferred to the emergency room on October 29, two days after she was taken to the hospital. psychiatric treatment.

"When I arrived at the medical center, my mother was in the morgue. The doctor said her heart stopped beating before being brought here. We found her body full of wounds and bleeding behind the nape of the neck." , Chen said.

A mental patient in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China was tied up during a blood transfusion. Image: AFP.

Chen decided to check the surveillance camera at the mental hospital and discovered the doctors tied his mother to the bed in the treatment room, then brutally beat her.

"I saw a doctor opening an iron door, entering the room and kicking my mother very strongly on October 27. Two other doctors were there, one even stood laughing," Chen said.

"A broom broom hit my mother, pulled her hair and stepped on her feet. It was cruel. I saw them beat her about 10 times. Both my mother's hands and feet were tied to the bed so she could not protest," he told.

Chen said when he confronted the hospital over his mother's death, a doctor said he was complaining because he wanted to receive compensation. "Is one million, two million or three million yuan enough compensation?" Chen repeated a doctor at the hospital.

Qingyuan City Police said they arrested three suspects Chen, Fei and Liang on charges of mistreating the patients they took care of. They are being held pending police investigation, but authorities have not disclosed the location of the work of the three suspects in the hospital. The name of this mental hospital has not been announced.

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