Doctor Strange duels magic with Dumbledore: Who will win?  - Photo 1.

Doctor Strange duels magic with Dumbledore: Who will win?

Doctor Strange and Dumbledore have many similarities: skilled in long-distance battles, willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, always having to deal with the dark inside them and the bad guys outside. So which of these two venerable characters is the one who wields the stronger magic?

This question is not easy to answer, especially since both Doctor Strange and Dumbledore prefer to use a long-distance strategy, forcing people to analyze to be able to speculate who is superior.

The Ultimate Witch likes “tricks”

A talented neurosurgeon, Dr. Stephen Strange arrived in magic quite late. The car accident took away the ability to control fine motor (movement of the table and arm), making him unable to perform complex operations. Strange began to destroy himself ever since, until he arrived in Tibet and found himself gifted in a very different field of study – magic. Trained by the Ancient One and found a new target, Doctor Strange takes on the responsibility of an Ultimate Witch, protecting humanity from all mystical threats.

As a witch, Strange possessed immense, even limitless powers at times. He can separate the soul from his body and move at thought speed, draw power from the opponent to use it, manipulate many magical items.

On the surface, Strange seems to be an omnipotent person, but this is nothing compared to his enemies, such as Dread Dormammu – often divine beings. Therefore, Strange often had to use “tricks” in order to win. He had mentally attacked demigods like Galactus, forcing opponents to feel the pain of all the aliens he had killed for millennia.

When the battle with the devil falls to a standstill, he uses a negotiating “blow” to create a safe passage through the dangerous dimensions. And despite having a “library of knowledge” in mind, this superhero is still regularly researching new documents to capture the ultimate magic.

Once an arrogant but empty man, Strange showed a willingness to act selfless for the benefit of others. He has repeatedly stated that he is not afraid of death, and in return, the reward he receives is immortality (not invincibility) for his efforts to protect the world. reality.

Headmaster of Hogwarts School cannot escape past haunts

First appearing in JKRowling’s Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore has the look of an eccentric but kind old witch, always watching over young wizards and wizards. at Hogwarts School of Wizards and Mages. As later, the Harry Potter novels reveal more and more troublesome and scandalous past of Dumbledore.

From a young age, Dumbledore was a magic prodigy. The ambitious young man then befriended Gellert Grindelwald, a Dark Mage whose dream was to spark a violent revolution to take over the Wizarding Community. However, when this relationship caused the death of Ariana’s sister, Dumbledore severed his friendship with Grindelwald and began to teach at Hogwarts, while also helping in the fight against Grindelwald.

Doctor Strange duels magic with Dumbledore: Who will win?  - Photo 2.

Often lowers his abilities in front of his students, but in reality, Dumbledore possesses considerable magic. He engaged in indomitable battle with Lord Voldemort – the second most powerful sorcerer in history, and defeated Grindelwald in a classic epic battle. Together with Nicolas Flamel, he made many breakthroughs in alchemy and founded the Phoenix Society, recruiting other wizards to oppose Voldemort.

Dumbledore’s tactical talent was the “weapon” that helped him defeat Voldemort twice. He has shown his ability to “play” long distance using spy Severus Snap and even Harry Potter “do well” for plans spanning many years to ensure that Voldemort cannot come back to life. Even when seriously injured, Dumbledore was able to use his own death, trick Voldemort into believing the wrong person, enabling Harry Potter to defeat the Dark Lord.

Even so, Dumbledore has always been haunted by past sins and so often does irrational things, such as wearing a cursed ring – in the hope of reuniting with his deceased loved ones. then get a curse of killing. When forced to take the drug to recall the worst memories, Dumbledore experienced a great deal of pain, tormenting over his sister’s death. This incredible headmaster once admitted, I have great intelligence, but also often make very big mistakes.

The War of Doctor Strange – Dumbledore: The big difference creates the advantage

If there’s a fight between Doctor Strange and Professor Dumbledore then it’s definitely not like a normal duel or super-power fight that lasts for a few minutes. The battle between the two magic masters can last days, weeks, even years – they will use their unique tactics and spells to win certain victories.

A head-on battle, if any, would be very devastating. Dumbledore swung the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand that ever existed in the Wizarding World. Doctor Strange uses his own items, including the Eye of Agamotto, Cloak of Levitation, Wand of Watoomb (Wand of Watoomb) – which can help him steam. passive, redirects enemy magic or even strengthens yourself. Through times where the magical rules of the Marvel Universe have been altered, having fought in other realities, Strange has the ability to adapt to different types of magic. This will be very helpful if he travels to the Wizarding World.

Doctor Strange duels magic with Dumbledore: Who will win?  Photo 3.

However, the greatest weapon they own will be the ability to predict and anticipate each other’s actions. And this is the big difference between them. Strange is not afraid of death, but he often uses “tricks” to make sure he survives. In contrast, Dumbledore tended to win with sacrifice, perhaps rooted in a sense of remorse over past choices and failures.

In reality, though, Strange had the experience of turning “the afterlife” around and living independently of his body. He’s also more experienced in dealing with weird magic and larger-scale threats – lots of situations where Strange shows himself as more cunning and cunning than Dumbledore.

Strange doesn’t even have to kill Dumbledore to win, as he has the ability to use magic to bring opponents back to their worst moments. Because the past resurrection experience always made Dumbledore fall, Strange seemed to have a clear advantage, commensurate with the title of Ultimate Witch.

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