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Do you often wear headphones when driving a motorbike?


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According to Article 6 of Decree 46/2016 / ND-CP as follows:
"Article 6: Sanctioning operators, people sitting on motorbikes, mopeds (including electric motorbikes), vehicles similar to mopeds and vehicles similar to mopeds violating the delivery rules road clearance

A fine of from VND 100,000 to VND 200,000 shall be imposed for any of the following violations:

Persons operating vehicles using umbrellas, mobile phones, audio equipment, except hearing aids.

In addition to fines, vehicle operators who commit acts of violation shall also be subject to the following additional sanctions:

Committing acts prescribed at Points b and c, Clause 7; Clause 9 of this Article is deprived of the right to use driving licenses for 2 to 4 months; recidivism or repeated violations of the acts specified in Clause 9 of this Article are deprived of the right to use driving licenses for between 3 and 5 months and confiscate vehicles.

Committing any of the violations specified in one of the following Points, Clause of this Article and causing a traffic accident, the driver's license shall be deprived of from 02 months to 04 months.
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