Do not “Pitching” as Glass asks his wife!

In the middle of the “biz” hunting season, when I was in a bustle, I recalled that Thuy Tinh asked my wife, the heart suddenly woke up, wanted to “uncover” King Hung, “search” Son Tinh, “rectify” something for Thuy. Tinh – who lost in an unfair fight.

Pitching is a bidding for strategic / media plans / creative ideas that Brand (brand) opens for Agencies to participate in the same solution, access to the same amount of information and have relatively the same time to solve.

Quartet heroic pants Any Agency that is qualified through the preliminary selection round (considering the overall capacity – Agency credential) is called in the round of receiving the article about the prize. After accepting the title, the hero who does not want to share the road, does not want to share the destination that Brand wants; without a knack for responding, “wake up” and quit the game (in fact, there are very few heroes who “wake up”). The heroes participating in the war, the army, the strategy and the battle plan with determination at the end of their path will be attached with the winning-bid medal.

Pitching needed a “squad” with a fierce leader who carried battle fire and a group of curious elites who were provoking. Pitching has no room for people who are tired of giddy workloads and non-aggressive leaders, not knowing how intrinsically confronted they are. The person in charge of the “leading” a Pitching game needs to be brave instead of reckless rushing into battle. The bravery of the leader, expressed through the selection criteria to officially decide to bring troops to battle a bid.

1. The bravery chooses the yard to play

The nature of a tender is like the aromatic, heart-shaped cake that everyone sees: desirable. Also because the cake is so delicious, Brand recognizes that everyone is “biased”, but given is also unfair, the Client necessarily needs to open the package, divide this piece of cake to the Agency really deserving. have its own competitiveness.

There are 1001 “ingredients” to make the delicious part of the Pitching cake: difficult problems, huge budgets, reputable clients, …; as long as the leader sees that they are not only a reward, a reward, but also a “brightening” for the cause and dignity of their Agency. Therefore, Pitching games are often aimed at fighting to win market share, land and money; fight to honor forces (Planning, Creative, Account Management); type to enhance the reputation, strengthen Agency credential; type in order to mark on one or a few industries that they want to occupy … instead of dumping my troops out of brawl because of the humble numbers of 0 ++ for a brand that challenges Agencies on things that are not necessarily what we want to have, for a project with funding that is frankly just like crumbs Not desirable.

The warrior can’t help but fight once the order is issued. And, the bravery of the leader lies in choosing his own battles. Meet everywhere reviews are beaten; fighting under orders of other people you can’t control is mercenary. Agencies participating in tenders in tenders without their own cause are … wrong!

The delicious part of the cake is absolutely not in the form of Pitching, Pitching “bait”, “Pitching” or “Pitching” to bring enough capacitors to the execution platform …

The warrior can’t help but fight once the order is issued. And, the bravery of the leader lies in choosing his own battles.

2. The bravery choose the challenge to fight

To make a Pitching, the challenge of the problem is indispensable. The marriage ceremony did not include Me Nuong “Ripe elephant ivory, ripe spurs, ripe horse.” So, what is the wedding show worth to be handed down?

Pitching is like: Mương Nương my son is married. Men everywhere come here to ask. Then a group of “marshals” lined up, showing some talent like “Mỵ Nương Got Talent”, after a few “dramas” rushed out, the results were announced; The chosen one also doesn’t know why he won, the loser considered that minute by chance.

Agencies are big and small when a Pitching title is fluttering and hustling to register for prizes such as bidding on an annual calendar publication, a brochure (or leaflet), or bidding to design a layout. mainstream media image, …; all-handicapped and all-ignoring whether it was the bid for me or not, was the victory worth or not, or just a few modest fees, the ability to pick it up, not worth it? the peacock?

The bravery of the leader is shown in the choice of the topic. There are so many problems out there to solve, who drags troops in to try to occupy a field of flowers that can be planted every season, and only produces one fruit.

Agency that play hard, play regardless of the Water Gods that he just earnestly-only redundant!

3. Bravery opens the way to victory

It is said: Pitching is a glorious experience that brings a feeling of “happiness on every journey”, the player should not matter the destination of Win / Lose.

But, actually … Win is better than Losing. A good agency must win.

The winning agency must be good. Good at lobbying is also good; good at heart, read the mind of customers is also good. If you think: “Wow … what a good agency” Agency is nothing good, “then you lose is also true: losing because … do not know the way to win.

Son Tinh was better than Glass without any argument, after all, that Son Spirit was an illustrious winner.

Once you have participated in the bid, you should avoid the fallacy: You are very good, but I am very sorry.

Pitching, it must be: Seeing you are good, I must be smart to “pick up” you right away.

Glass in the question was to come to war with the mind of the “hunting” person: longing for the target, aiming to shoot properly, this kind of shot made the hunter wear out. Pitching like Son Tinh has a clear “planning”, has an object, has a process, has the “acupuncture point” ability and has the power to solve problems.


Pitching has been gradually invading Work Routines. Agencies, don’t pitching as Glass asks his wife. Be smart Pitching, Pitching and do your best when you need … withdraw-water instead of aggression to rise, persistently surrender-water to the other Son Tinh become invincible.

* Source: Zennie Trang Nguyen


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