Do car deodorant use car perfume or essential oil?

Do car deodorant use car perfume or essential oil?

Using car hanging oils and car perfume are two of the most common ways to get rid of car odors. However, which way will be more efficient and safer?

Every day, your car may be exposed to a lot of dirt, food smells, smoke, musty smells in the rainy days … even the new car interior also smells unpleasant! Surely every car user has experienced some horrible feeling when the car smells strange and the air in the car is not clean. Therefore, deodorizing cars is the most important step in car care steps. In many ways to deodorize your car, using essential oils or car fragrances is still the most popular choice because of its efficiency and convenience. So which way to use to get the most benefit?

Car suspension essential oils and car fragrances are popular ways to deodorize cars

Car suspension essential oils and car fragrances are popular ways to deodorize cars

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Characteristics of automotive perfumes and automotive essential oils

Essential oils are liquids that contain aromatic compounds that are refined, mostly through steam or water distillation from plant components such as leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, etc. Normally, large amounts of raw Only small amounts of essential oil can be obtained. Fragrances are a mixture of aromatic substances such as essential oils, aromatics, frankincense, and solvents. The composition of perfume can be artificially synthesized. As you can see, the essential oil is extracted entirely from natural sources, so its scent is natural while perfume is just a scent from synthetic chemicals.

Essential oils are extracted from natural ingredients

Essential oils are extracted from natural ingredients

Deodorizing ability

Fragrances are rated as capable of removing the car odor immediately because when sprayed on the interior of the car, the perfume molecules will quickly diffuse in the air and overwhelm the unpleasant odors. The ability to keep incense long is also an advantage of this method.

car perfume

Fragrances deodorize by overwhelming the smell

However, the ability to deodorize perfume is only “virtual” because in fact, it only overwhelms the smell but can not completely eliminate. Not to mention in many cases the smell in the car is too heavy and the fragrance can not be overwhelmed, instead, the smell of perfume can make the situation become “more stressful”. The effects of essential oils appear more slowly but different from perfumes, essential oils for “deodorizing” effect. Hanging a bottle of essential oil near the air-conditioner position will help the aroma to travel throughout the car and promote deodorizing, air purifying. Bring your car a fresh, natural and comfortable atmosphere.

In addition, not all scents are suitable for deodorizing. Experts have shown that there are safe and unsafe driving smells. Safe smells that help increase concentration and alertness when driving such as mint, lemon, cinnamon, coffee, etc. In contrast, the smell of chrysanthemum, jasmine, lavender, … will cause a feeling of relaxation. , drowsiness leads to driver loss of control. Both methods of using vials of essential oils and perfumes need to be aware of this problem.


As mentioned above, the essential oil is 100% natural extracts, so it can be completely safe, even for children and sensitive people. Perfume, on the other hand, contains many chemical components, so they contain many potential risks. Research by Greenpeace shows that most fragrances contain artificial chemicals Diethyl phthalate (DEP), which can destroy sperm DNA and limit the breathing ability of sperm. human.

Essential oils extracted 100% from nature should be guaranteed for safety

Essential oils extracted 100% from nature should be guaranteed for safety

In addition, some fragrances have a shocking smell and can cause asphyxiation if left too long in a cramped environment like in a car. Inhaling perfume can also be at risk for allergies, asthma, respiratory diseases, etc.


Price is an issue that many people are concerned about when faced with choices. Essential oils are processed quite sophisticatedly and complexly, so the price is quite high, often depending on the price of raw materials. Fragrances are quite diverse in price, from affordable to high-end and most often are affordable ones. If you use these types, it will be very cost effective. However, low-cost perfumes almost contain toxic chemicals. High quality perfumes made from precious essential oils, meanwhile, are extremely expensive, sometimes up to several hundred dollars. Therefore, in terms of safety costs, using essential oils is still more appropriate.

Other risks

The risk of counterfeiting is a problem that both car perfumes and car suspension oils face. However, this problem is more serious for perfumes because, because cheap perfumes are on the market, there are too many perfume brands, too sophisticated packaging that is difficult to verify.

Fragrances have the ability to remove automotive smell quickly

Counterfeit perfumes are rampant in the market

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Compared to safety, as well as the ability to deodorize, in the “battle” between car perfume and automotive essential oils, the essential oil is still a “marginally” better when extracted 100% natural, capable of good deodorizing power. In particular, automotive oils have brought many positive effects to the spirit and health of users. Essential oils can help reduce motion sickness, prevent fatigue, reduce stress, and help keep you feeling fresh.

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