DMDE: Recover data from hard drives

DMDE: Recover data from hard drives

Powerful software for data retrieval, data processing and disk recovery. It can recover directory structures and files in complex cases by using specialized algorithms when other software cannot help. It includes a number of features such as a disk editor, allows partition deletion to be removed, and a disk image creation tool. It allows you to recover your files after a problem. It is possible to find items quickly without scanning in the event of minor damage. of the file system. It can even recover data from the signature file (RAW) when it cannot be recovered from a file system. The disk editor is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and supports automatic lock setting when recording.

With Disk Editor you can view, edit, and browse files and different disk structures (such as MBR, GPT, boot domains, tables, and file system directory entries), and use custom templates.

Recommended for experienced users.

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