Djokovic aims for the 18th Grand Slam title of his career.  Photo: AP.

Djokovic: ‘The child still has to work hard’

Novak Djokovic believes that the time when young players take the place of “Big 3” at the top has not yet come.

* Djokovic – Medvedev: 15h45 today February 21, on VnExpress.

“There has been a lot of debate over whether the Next-Gen players will take over the top three of us,” Djokovic told Eurosport before the match against Daniil Medvedev in the Australian Open final. “But in fact, that hasn’t happened yet. We can talk about that all day. But with all the respect I give to young players, I want to say that they still have to work hard. “.

Djokovic aims for the 18th Grand Slam title of his career. Image: AP.

Djokovic will meet Medvedev in the final on February 21, in a match described by former tennis player Mats Wilander and many experts as taking place between the two strongest players in the world today. “I think the win rate is 51-49 for Djokovic. But this match will see a lot of durable balls. This is the forte of both. Medvedev is the young player that Djokovic is most afraid of. Against each other, they will be. like seeing yourself in the mirror by a similar style of play.

The “Big 3” trio, including Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer won 13 of the last 14 Grand Slams, and won a total of 57 Grand Slams. Among the players of the next generation, only Dominic Thiem has ever won the Grand Slam, at the 2020 US Open. Medvedev has an opportunity to do the same, when he is in the final for the second time. The Russian player needs to increase his streak of 20 consecutive wins, against Djokovic – who has won all eight finals in Melbourne.

“Pressure is always there, it’s a part we have to overcome, but pressure is also a privilege,” added Djokovic. “That means you’re still doing something important and valuable to yourself and to the rest of the world. Next-Gen will certainly dominate tennis in the future. But we won’t stand by. Yen and give that dominance to them. I will force them to work hard for it. “

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