DIY_ Reduce noise (ripple & noise) when charging phones, tablets… with a simple filter capacitor

– To check before and after using filter capacitors, I use a USB meter to measure V, power, ripple noise… This USB has many functions: Measure Volt, Amp, check charging standards of chargers , test cable internal resistance, measure battery capacity, trigger to charge voltages and currents according to parameters, check ripple noise…
1.1 Test with Zendure GaN 65W S3 2C1A charger

– Check for ripple noise of charger when no load, ripple noise ~35mV
– Charge for the Baseus 10f+ power bank, charging capacity ~ 17.7W. Ripple noise ~72mV
– Test again as above with soldered USB capacitor. At no load, the ripple noise is clearly reduced, leaving only 20mV (compared to ~35mV without the capacitor).
– Plug in the charger for the charger, capacity ~17.2W, ripple noise ~34 mV, about ½ less than when there is no capacitor (~70mV)

1.2 Samsung charging test with Baseus f10+ power bank (~16W capacity)
With filter capacitor/without capacitor
– Ripple noise of charger 1 79/267mV (reduced 3.3 times)
– Ripple noise of charger 2 107/382mV (reduced 3.5 times)


1.3 Test with Baseus f10+ power bank with SS note 8 . phone
At no load, ripple noise ~20mV

. (dhphucs)

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