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[DIY] Upgrade robot cars to avoid smart obstacles with ultrasonic sensors

This is the next lesson of the self-assembled robot car with smartphone, this time guide you to upgrade your robot car more intelligent and do not need to use another smartphone to hold hands only for it . Just load the attached program, tRobot_auto, which has a self-propelled robot that avoids smarter obstacles. With this upgrade, we only spend another 76 thousand.

Things to prepare tools and things to do:
– Screw set
– 1 small nipper
– Glue 2 3M faces
– Link download programming software: arduino
– download code: drive link

Components to buy to upgrade:

– Ultrasonic Sensor Ultrasonic HC-SR04: 30K
– Servo SG90 MINI: 35K
– Blue sensor tray: 8K
– Cable: 3K

With the upgrade of the robot car this time giving us a more fun experience, you can also upgrade more things.

Link to the previous one, if you don't know, check it out:

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