[DIY Small Classroom]The importance of lubricating wheel and axle?


In addition to replacing tires and repairing punctured tires, there are actually many opportunities to remove the front and rear wheel frames. One of the steps that must be done at this time is to remove the “wheel axle” that fixes the wheel frame. However, it is usually very laborious to pull the wheel shaft, and it is often necessary to knock around with a hammer…

In order to avoid such a situation from recurring, so this time we specially invited the “Moto Mechanic” editorial department to teach you how to apply oil (demonstration operation vehicle: YAMAHA SR400)

For someday in the future, we must first lubricate the axles

Those who are playing motorcycles will know that normal maintenance is very important. If you find it troublesome and do nothing, when you need to remove the wheel frame and need to pull out the axle, there will be a delay in the work progress due to the fixation too fast to pull it off… In order to avoid such problems, you need to remember Lubricate the wheel shaft.

AxleShaft-01▲If you put the conical fixing table under the tire, the tire can be clamped up in accordance with the space, so even if the axle is pulled out, the wheel frame will not fall off easily.

AxleShaft-02▲When pulling out the axle, not only put the wrench on the nut on one side, but also fix the nut on the other side. If it is a hexagon head screw, use a hexagon wrench, if it is a hole, use a round rod tool to fix it.

AxleShaft-03▲When the nut is loosened, the direction of force applied by the wrench is toward the “ground”. This way the motorcycle can maintain a stable state. When loosening the left nut, apply force to the front with the wrench.

AxleShaft-04▲Although it can be seen that the wheel axle is not rusted and pulled out very smoothly, it is obvious that the lubricating oil on it is a little dry. After riding in this state in the rainy day, rust is likely to appear. problem.

AxleShaft-05▲Slowly pull out the tapered gasket under the wheel frame, move the tire forward to remove the chain, and then remove the wheel frame of the rear wheel. Remember to also check the wheel bearing.

AxleShaft-06▲Then restore all the parts to their original condition, and put the rear wheel frame back in the opposite steps. When inserting the wheel axle, remember to apply the lubricant to the wheel axle. Use your fingertips to apply evenly and not too much. .

AxleShaft-07▲When locking the wheel axle, insert a thick screwdriver between the transmission chain and the gear plate, and force the rear wheel frame in the direction of rotation.

AxleShaft-08▲In this way, the chain adjuster can be installed on the rocker arm, and there is no need to adjust the transmission chain separately, just check it again to end.

AxleShaft-09▲When putting back the rear wheel frame, use two hands to hold the tire of the rear wheel to make sure it will not shake. It is recommended to shake the wheel frame slightly to check the overall condition.

AxleShaft-10▲It is very easy to use the parking frame when removing the front wheel. YAMAHA SR has been designed with this in mind, so when the front wheel is removed, the front will be lifted, so you can safely operate it without using a jack!

AxleShaft-11▲The front wheel axle also looks a bit dry, and the lubricating oil is almost running out. If you don’t take care of it after riding the bike on a rainy day, rust is likely to occur, so remember to apply lubricating oil evenly like the rear wheel.

AxleShaft-12▲The rocker axis needs to be oiled about once a year. For the YAMAHA SR400 in this demonstration, there is a grease nipple behind the cover of the vehicle kit. With this part attached, it can only be said that YAMAHA’s R&D team is too conscientious!

Remove the rocker arm shaft cover, then install the lubricating oil gun nozzle and pour lubricating oil. This action can improve the operating performance of the rocker arm!

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