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[DIY Small Classroom]Discover the extraordinary features of H4 LED bulbs!

H4 headlight bulbs are usually used on large motorcycles. From old times to modern super sports cars, many cars use the same type of bulbs, and LED bulbs have lower power consumption but the same brightness!

Everyone knows how scary it is to drive at night without turning on the headlights. People who do not turn on the headlights on any road or journey will have the experience of frightening. For cars with fairings, the direction (height) of the headlights cannot be easily changed. However, if the lamp is supported by the bracket like an old motorcycle, even if the low beam is broken, the lamp can be adjusted downwards to temporarily replace the low beam with the high beam; next, let’s take a look at the latest H4 LED bulb products.

Lightweight and amazing size!

LED bulbs are not like ordinary halogen bulbs, because there is no filament in the light source, so they will not be as serious as normal bulbs and the filament will not be fused. But in order to make the LED emit high-intensity light, it also has heat-generating characteristics, so the cooling system equipment is indispensable, and this new product is designed with heat dissipation fins on the base to allow heat to be discharged through the gaps in the fins.

▲Precious Ray Z(Left) and the traditional Precious Ray (right) are both products of Daytona. The new product jointly developed by “BELLOF” and “DAYTONA” is known as the top manufacturer of LED bulbs. The size is incredibly compact. There is a heat sink at the end of the bulb and it is connected to the power supply through a wire harness. The new Precious Ray Z is almost the same size as an ordinary bulb.

Two specifications are available

If you have replaced headlight bulbs before, you may have some experience with brightness and color temperature (gloss). The brightness is in lm/lumens and the color temperature is in K/Kelvin. This product is called “incandescent lamp” instead of Bright white specification (6500K), this specification is white with a slight hue, and the color temperature is 4500K.

▲Even if it is a compact design, most car owners will not find it, but if you compare the actual size of the product with ordinary H4 bulbs, you will find that it is much more compact than ordinary products.

How to make other types of bulbs brighter!!

In some cases, the plug is not H4 type or because of physical space constraints, the current plug can only be used. Nowadays, there are many modified electrical parts that can solve such problems. If you want to make the headlights brighter, then the “Headlight Relay Kit” is for you! The headlight relay kit can realize simple harness management, and the relay unit is not placed in the headlight box or under the fuel tank, but placed near the battery or in the side cover.


1. Compared with traditional products, the latest products are more compact and easier to install.

2. Although they have the same brightness, different color temperatures can be selected.

In recent years, with the development of light-emitting diode (LED) technology, LEDs have been widely used in various occasions. Due to the energy-saving characteristics of LED lights, LED lights have been used in night scene lights and radio towers (Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Tower). The sky tree) lights are used as a warning. In recent years, in the field of automobiles and motorcycles, many new car models have adopted LED lights as standard equipment. The design of these headlights is completely dedicated, so they can be modified to incorporate any lighting system. Is there any way to improve the brightness of LED lights on motorcycles? Many knights must have thought of this strategy.

That was in the early 1980s, when “halogen bulb” headlights became popular. At that time, the brightness of halogen bulbs was not high. In addition, the brightness of the bulbs was reduced due to aging wiring. There is also the problem of why the bulb is not bright enough because of the aging of the wiring harness. After the wiring harness is aging, it cannot provide the power it should, and the brightness of the bulb is not satisfactory.

Due to technological innovations that have increased the brightness of LEDs, various LED products have been put into practical use. In the past, there was a period of time when people thought that LED was attractive because of its energy-saving function, not its brightness, but now, we have not only successfully reduced power consumption, but also successfully increased the brightness of LED. Daytona H4 headlights use newly introduced modern LED technology. The slogan of Daytona products is “just change to an H4 bulb.”

The brightness is in lm/lumens, and the color temperature is in K/Kelvin. The high beam brightness of this product is set to 1800lm, and the low beam brightness is set to 1600lm. It should also be noted that although the brightness of these two lamps is the same, they have two different color temperature settings. The high-brightness “white light” is set at 6500k, while the so-called “incandescent lamp” is set at 4500k. If we simply consider the color temperature value, we would say “white light”. However, because everyone looks at the problem in a different way and has their own preferences, the company has set up two colors for everyone to choose from. This is also one of the characteristics of this product, allowing the rider to choose his favorite color.

Although this product is “compatible with H4 sockets”, it is not necessarily limited to the H4 sockets of previous models. For example, old cars before the 70s did not use H4 sockets. If you want to brighten the headlights of old cars, you can directly buy a wiring harness called “Headlight Relay Kit”. The power supply of the headlight ranges from the battery to the fuse to the headlight switch to the near/far light switch, and then to the headlight bulb. This is a system for inputting power to the headlight bulb. This set of relay kits can make your headlights get enough Light, easily pass the car inspection.

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