[DIY Small Classroom]A simple trick to remove rust from the fuel tank


The consequence of being ignored for a long time is that by the time it is discovered, the fuel tank has already rusted… and this is the situation that old motorcycles often encounter.

Although there are several chemical cleaners that can clean the rust of the fuel tank, do you know how to maximize the effectiveness of these chemical cleaners? That is, before using the chemical cleaner, clean it with the cleaner that is commonly used in general kitchens. Just such a simple step can increase the effect of the chemical cleaner instantly!


Deteriorated gasoline is also one of the causes of rust inside the fuel tank?


Even if the motorcycle is kept indoors, as long as it is left in an environment with drastic changes in temperature for a long time, rust will appear inside the fuel tank. Gasoline mixed with rust and deteriorated will have an amazing odor, but as long as you follow the correct If the rust is removed, most of the fuel tanks can be restored to normal use. So when you encounter this situation, don’t give up right away, please try the methods described in this article first.

Condensation caused by the temperature difference between day and night, as well as rain erosion when placed outdoors, will unknowingly cause the fuel tank to rust.

If you use it during work and class, and you ride out on weekends, you will basically not get rusty, but if you park the motorcycle outdoors and cover it with a motorcycle cover for half a year or a year, you will not ride it. , When you open the throttle cover, you will smell a unique smell of gasoline, and if you look inside the fuel tank, you will even see red rust.

The necessary conditions for rust to appear inside the fuel tank require air and moisture. Therefore, in the past, it was usually recommended that everyone remember to fill up the gasoline in the fuel tank when parking the motorcycle without riding for a long time.

However, as ethanol gasoline has become popular now, and because ethanol gasoline is water-soluble, when the gasoline is not used for a long time, the moisture absorbed in the gasoline will cause the fuel tank to rust.

Therefore, the best storage method now is to completely drain the gasoline and then keep it in a well-ventilated environment.

In addition, for long-term storage, you can also choose to add chemicals to the fuel tank to prevent gasoline deterioration and rust. However, to deal with a rusty fuel tank, the first thing to do is to remove the rust inside the fuel tank.

Many rust removal chemicals that are environmentally friendly and emphasize high performance are currently on the market. However, adding chemicals directly after dumping the spoiled gasoline cannot maximize the rust removal function of the chemicals.

Reasons for washing with kitchen detergent before adding chemicals for removing rust

03-1▲Pour out the old gasoline, rinse gently with water, add kitchen detergent, and let the fuel tank soak for a while while adding detergent. Although it can maintain a certain concentration by adding water to dilute it first, if you want to use the momentum of the high-pressure cleaner, you can also directly pour in the undiluted detergent.

The rust removal chemicals poured into the fuel tank must come into contact with the rust-corroded parts in order to be effective. However, after the spoiled gasoline is dumped, the gasoline will still form a protective film inside the fuel tank, and there will still be some rust that has fallen off from the inside of the fuel tank. If chemicals are used in this state, the rust removal effect will not be very good, so it is recommended to clean the inside of the fuel tank first.

And the most suitable cleaning agent to use at this time is the neutral cleaning agent for kitchen that is common in our daily life. Surfactant, the main component of the cleaning agent, can separate the metal surface from gasoline and rust like the oil on the dishes and pans. In other words, cleaning the inside of the fuel tank with detergent can remove the dirt attached to the surface of the fuel tank, allowing the chemical agent to have an effect on the rust.

Just like using a sponge when washing dishes, you can wash it quickly. When using detergent to clean the fuel tank, although you want to cause irritation to the inside of the fuel tank, because the sponge and brush cannot clean the innermost part, you can use a hose to rinse with water, or use it. High-pressure cleaners are very effective.

Especially when using a high-pressure cleaner, you can wash away the slight rust without adding a detergent just by high-pressure cleaning. This can also be used as a tool for cleaning cars and balconies, and it can also play a great role in removing rust.


▲Please adjust the nozzle of the high-pressure cleaner to flush the water into the entire fuel tank as much as possible, so that the rust peeled off from the lower half of the fuel tank can flow out along with the water. These rusts are not serious, so there is no need to use rust removal chemicals at all. Therefore, the chemicals can be concentrated on the stubborn rust parts that cannot be removed by the cleaning agent and the high-pressure cleaner to make the rust removal effect better.

The effect will be better if there is a high pressure washer

05-1▲A lot of red rust can be washed out with only detergent and tap water. Although it is necessary to completely remove the rust in order to avoid repeated occurrence of rust, sometimes removing the deep-rooted rust may cause a hole in the fuel tank. Although this hole can be processed with additional solder on the surface of the fuel tank, but It is possible that even the surrounding area will be eroded, so special care must be taken.

It is actually very simple to use a kitchen cleaner and a high-pressure washer to clean the fuel tank at the same time. Just use the high-pressure washer to flush the water after pouring the cleaner. Soaking the detergent can also make the dirt appear faster, so when the fuel switch is plugged (to ensure that the detergent does not leak from the bottom of the fuel tank), add detergent and tap water, and then shake the fuel tank thoroughly to make the detergent evenly stain each In one place, when the fuel switch is unplugged, the tap water mixed with the detergent will be automatically discharged. If the high-pressure cleaner is used for flushing at the same time, the cleaning efficiency will be higher.

In addition, depending on the size of the fuel tank port and the nozzle of the high-pressure washer, sometimes it may not be easy to flush to the back of the fuel tank. Therefore, please turn the nozzle up and down when cleaning, aiming at the fuel switch on the top of the fuel tank as much as possible.

If you carefully observe the objects discharged from the fuel tank, you should be surprised that just using a neutral detergent can wash out so much rust. As long as the rust is not serious, you can remove more than half of it by following this cleaning procedure. Rust.

Of course, special chemicals must be used for the rust that cannot be removed by cleaning agents, but if you want the chemicals to maximize the effect, you must first clean it.

The first step is to use a neutral detergent, the second step is to use chemicals

It is recommended that the fuel tank rust removal chemical that does not harm the environment and has an excellent effect, and in order to maximize its effect, it is necessary to clean the inside of the fuel tank first.

If you use a neutral kitchen cleaner to remove surface dirt and peeling rust, you can improve the effect of chemicals and increase the efficiency of rust removal.

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