[DIY Elementary School]There is a strange noise in the rear suspension movement? Start oil maintenance!


Whether it’s in a straight line or cornering, the motorcycle can drive stably thanks to the suspension. Since the rear wheels move around the rocker arm axis, the movement of the moving parts may deteriorate due to insufficient lubrication, and even cause strange noises during travel. In order to prevent this situation from happening, regular oil maintenance is required.

Lubrication is critical to the movement of the suspension

02-4▲Use a sturdy jack to prop up the lower part of the motorcycle. After making sure to fix it, remove the rear wheel, and then try to shake it up and down to see the rocker arm. If you feel stuck up and down, it means that the rocker arm connecting rod, shock absorber screw and sleeve are worn out. If you feel stuck on the left and right, it should be worn on the shaft of the rocker arm.

Since the front fork will sink when the brake is on the road, many riders should notice the condition of the front shock, but what about the condition of the rear shock? Perhaps some people may only notice that the riding feeling is good or bad, but the rear shock absorber can play an important role in various riding scenes.

When the vehicle body leans in a corner, the vertical and lateral weight will be dispersed to cause the rear shock absorber to shrink. When it is about to leave the corner exit and open the accelerator, the rear shock absorber can be extended to make the body return to the center.

If the rider has a good body and a fast cornering speed, it can also increase the rebound force of the spring, but the rear shock originally needs to be “retracted” and “extended”. The most important thing is naturally the degree of lubrication of the suspension device.

Before the lubricating oil painted on the rocker link disappears

Generally speaking, there is only one shock absorber in the rear shock absorber of sports cars = there are more single-gun shock absorbers in the center, so in most cases, the rocker arm and the shock absorber are connected by a rocker arm link stand up.

The rocker arm link of the rear shock is a part that transmits the stroke and force changes to the rear shock through the rocker arm that swings up and down. Therefore, the movable part is made of the bearing (if it is a small displacement car, it may be possible Is the bushing).

These structures are lubricated by the action of applying lubricating oil. Therefore, the rear shock absorber will exert force on the rocker arm link every time it moves. If you often ride on rainy days, water drops will run in.

Although it has just been mentioned that lubricating oil is very important for rear shock absorbers, as long as you fully understand the function of the rocker link, you must know that lubricating bearings and other parts is also very important.

The rocker arm link of the rear shock absorber, which bears the weight of the car body and the movement of the weight during acceleration and deceleration, and is constantly immersed in rainwater, will experience conditions that are absolutely beyond imagination. Even if the lubricating oil is reduced, as long as the weight increases, the rear shock absorber will shrink and will also extend due to the rebound force of the rear shock absorber spring.

If the lack of lubricating oil continues to be maintained, the shock absorber will not be able to withstand the small impact force due to the poor operation of the rocker arm link, which will cause the shock absorber to become stiff, and it will also make the shock absorber appear strange when it expands. When the condition deteriorates, the lubricating oil will dry out, and finally the bearing and bushing will fail and seize.

Although it is possible to immediately notice the problem if you have terminal symptoms such as poor behavior and strange noises, it is very difficult to notice before the situation worsens.

Although the motorcycle maintenance manual states that it needs to be inspected regularly every two years, there is no explicit stipulation that the lubricant must be used every two years. It is usually only recommended to remove the parts if it is deemed necessary after the inspection. Grease after cleaning.

Perhaps through the action of oiling, the shock absorber can be softened? !

Although the rocker arm link of the rear shock absorber needs to be lifted up and the rear wheel is removed when oiling the rocker arm link, the repair frame or parking frame that supports the rocker arm cannot be used.

If the motorcycle is parked in the middle, the problem can be easily solved. However, because the APE 50 introduced this time only has side parking, in order to ensure that the body does not shake and can be safely maintained, it is necessary to put a jack under the engine to frame the body .

If the rocker arm link of the motorcycle is not maintained, it is easy to get dirty on the rocker arm link due to indiscriminate spraying of chain lubricating oil and rain. Therefore, first remove the dust on it, and then loosen and clean the screw. Be clean, and remember not to mistake the original installation position of the removed bolts.

Because APE is a model with a small displacement, there is neither bearing nor bushing. Therefore, once the electroplated coating on the painted surface causes scorch marks on the upper part due to insufficient lubrication, it can be directly cleaned with a part cleaner and then installed. , And will not cause failure or failure to install, and can be reused.

Since this part is prone to become heavier due to moisture, the newly applied lubricant needs to be selected with excellent pressure resistance and water resistance.

The worse the condition before lubricating the rocker arm link of the rear shock absorber, the better the effect will be felt after lubricating. Even if there is a slight bounce on the road, the rocker link can move smoothly, allowing the rear shock to expand and contract, bringing an excellent riding feeling. Even because of reduced friction loss, people mistakenly think that the rear shock absorber has become much softer.

Sometimes the rocker arm link cannot withstand the applied force, and the rear shock absorber is too stretched, causing the rear height to rise sharply.

However, such drastic changes are usually caused by the usual lack of maintenance, so if you want to maintain the state of your car and reduce unnecessary repair costs, you must often use lubricating oil to maintain the degree of lubrication. Therefore, it is very important to disassemble, clean and oil the parts regularly.

07-2▲If you are worried that the rocker link cannot be installed back smoothly, you can take a picture with your smartphone before disassembling the parts before starting the work. Clean the paint of the four fixed places under the rear shock absorber. After applying the lubricating oil, you will feel the movement of the rear shock absorber become softer. Since the spring of the rear shock absorber has not been replaced, the main reason for the softness is the friction loss of the rocker arm link.

The rear shock is an unknown hero

Use lubricating oil to maintain important parts that support riding performance! Before installing the shock absorber for modification, the most important thing is to make the shock absorber work smoothly and avoid friction loss.

For motorcycles equipped with a central single-gun rear shock, lubricating oil on the rocker link can definitely bring great results.

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