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Although you always pay attention to whether there are nails and glass fragments on the road when you ride a bicycle, it is easy to encounter a nail on the tire tread in daily life.

If it is a tire with an inner tube, there is usually only a problem of air leakage, but if it is a tubeless tire, it will not cause gas leakage due to nails or other things stuck to the tire.

To solve this frightening situation, the most reliable is the portable tire repair kit. As long as you carry a tire repair kit, you can continue to travel even if you encounter a flat tire during the Long March.


Even if a tubeless tire has a flat tire, it is difficult to detect?


If unfortunately you find a nail or other foreign object on the tread, if you can’t find a place to repair it or if you don’t have a repair tool at hand, it is more recommended not to remove the nail or debris immediately because the foreign object punctures the tire. The above words can still prevent gas leakage, so it is recommended to move to a place where the tire can be repaired first.

Although checking tire pressure and tire wear is the basic task of tire maintenance, even if you do these steps, you usually cannot avoid tire blowouts.

When riding on a wide road, it is always unavoidable that the tires get stuck in small nails or iron pieces, so there should be many riders who can only look at the nails on the tires silently, and can’t think of when they are actually Stuck in the tire.

When a motorcycle tire blows out, it often happens that “the foreign body is run over by the front wheel and then jumps up, and then the foreign body pierces into the rear wheel.” Just like when I was a child riding a bicycle, it seems that the rear wheel is easier A puncture occurred.

Regardless of whether it is the front wheel or the rear wheel, as long as the tire gets stuck in a foreign object, the air inside will run away. However, the common inner tube tires with steel spoke wheels and the more common tubeless tires with alloy wheels have different ways of leaking gas from the two tires.

If it is a tire with an inner tube, because the inner tube and the tire have a double-layer structure, as long as the foreign body is pierced and the gap between the inner tube and the tire leaks, the gas will leak out in a short time; relatively speaking, no The inner tube tire is maintained by the air pressure of the tire and the inner surface of the wheel frame.

Therefore, even if a tubeless tire is pierced by a nail, a hole will not appear as long as the nail is not pulled out. Therefore, the rate of gas leakage inside the tire will be much slower than that of a tire with a tube. Therefore, there are often some dull riders who continue to ride without seeing the tires being punctured.


・If a nail is pierced, a tubeless tire will leak air in a short time, but a tubeless tire will not leak air.
・Regularly check whether there is any foreign matter stuck in the tread of the tubeless tire.

If you have a tire repair kit, you can immediately deal with the puncture problem


▲The lightweight tyre repair kit of Webike Garage is very convenient. The small bag contains all the tools that will be used when repairing a puncture, which can be taken with you. When traveling for a drive, you only need to put tools such as pliers or diagonal pliers that can be used to pull out foreign objects stuck on the tire into the tool bag, which will definitely be more convenient to use.

Even if a foreign object gets stuck on a tubeless tire, it is rare that the gas will leak out in one breath, but it is not a good thing to continue riding after being stuck.

Because tires often deform continuously while they are traveling, foreign objects that were originally stuck on the tires may fall suddenly and cause the tires to start to leak. In addition, the continuous friction between the road surface and foreign objects will also cause the holes in the tires to become larger and larger, which may cause danger.

In the case of tubeless tires, as mentioned above, because there is no inner tube inside the tire, as long as the foreign objects stuck to the tire are removed and the hole is repaired, the air will not continue. Leak out.

In other words, there is no need to remove the tire from the wheel frame, just repair the tread to solve the problem. At this time, a special tire repair kit for tubeless tires is very important.

The tire repair tool set is used to fill the holes in the “plug shape” and “rope” rubber tire repair strips. The “plug” and “rope” shape tire repair strips have their own advantages and disadvantages, so each has its own support. By.

However, no matter what type of tyre patch, the steps to repair a puncture are the same. First remove the foreign body from the tyre, then clean up the hole a little, and then repair the tyre covered with special adhesive. The rubber strip is inserted into the hole in the tire.

The Webike Garage portable tire repair kit used in this demonstration not only has a rope-like tire repair strip, but also contains a CO2 cylinder that can help the tires to inflate, so even if there is a puncture during a drive, it can be dealt with immediately. .


・The special tire repair kit for tubeless tires inserts the tire repair rubber strip from the outside of the tire.
・Tire repair tool set with C02 cylinder, which can additionally supplement part of the gas.

◆Webike-Motor Department Store:[Webike Garage]Lightweight tire repair kit product page


▲Consumables such as 5 times the amount of tire repair rubber strips, special adhesives and CO2 cylinders filled with high pressure can be purchased separately. If you use these tools when you encounter a flat tire when you are out, don’t forget to restock afterwards.

When inserting the tire repair strip, remember to clean the tire hole first

The Webike Garage portable tire repair kit contains a complete set of tools such as a reamer used when cleaning tire holes, a hook for inserting tire repair rubber strips, and a CO2 cylinder for inflating, whether it is used as a vehicle tool or A set of travel tools must be put on a motorcycle.

However, this tool set does not include tools to pull foreign objects from the tires, so remember to prepare pliers separately.

The specific method of use is the same as the photo. If there is too little glue on the tyre repair strip, insert the hook together with the tyre repair strip into the tire hole, it may cause the tyre repair due to the card. The tape breaks midway, so remember to apply a lot of glue.

In addition, when using a reamer to enlarge the hole in the tire after removing foreign objects, please be cautious and handle it carefully. If the hole is smaller than the tire repair strip, it may cause rubber when inserting the tire repair strip. The strip breaks midway, so remember to enlarge the hole to a certain size.

Fold it in half and insert the tire repair strip into the puncture hole. When removing the insertion hook, remember to stretch and fix the tire repair strip inside the tire. As long as the glue is fixed, the hole will be completely blocked. live.

For the CO2 cylinders included in the tool set, using 3 cans can make the tire pressure of 17-inch tires reach 120kPa. For normal road driving, the tire pressure is still too low, so remember to use a pump or compression when repairing at home. The machine helps the tires in addition.

If you are traveling and repair a puncture in a place where there is no air pump, you must use the gas in the CO2 cylinder to inflate the tire first, and then slowly ride to a place with a gas station, and then help the tire. Inflate and adjust the tire pressure to the specified value.

Even if it is usually diligent in maintenance and repairs, basically no one can escape the irresistible situation like a puncture. So even if you encounter a puncture accident, as long as your car uses tubeless tires and you have repair tools on hand, you can keep the damage to a minimum.


・Use a reamer to enlarge the hole in the tire.
・When inserting the tire repair strip, remember to apply the adhesive first.

to sum up

If you are using a tubeless tire, you do not need to remove the tire first when repairing a flat tire. So in order to deal with the accident immediately, please prepare repair tools first!

◆Webike-Motor Department Store:[Webike Garage]Lightweight tire repair kit product page

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