Distributors in Germany are required to stop selling glue to Huawei - Photo 1.

Distributors in Germany are required to stop selling glue to Huawei

China's Huawei giant is currently facing numerous difficulties, stemming from the US government ban. The ban makes many US technology companies not allowed to cooperate and supply components to Huawei, seriously affecting the production of smartphones and telecommunications equipment.

In addition, the US Government's ban also has influence on producers outside the US. The latest report shows that 3M distributors in Germany have requested to stop selling glue products to Huawei.

3M is a multidisciplinary company founded in 1902, headquartered in Minnesota, USA. The company has more than 70,000 products, from household appliances to medical, transportation, construction, education, electronics and communications. 3M also has many baby agents, responsible for retailing around the world.

Normally, 3M will not interfere with the operation of retail outlets below. However, due to the effects of the ban from the US government, 3M has asked its German distributors to stop cooperating and selling glue products to Huawei.

Meanwhile, the German government said it would not ban Huawei like the United States. The German government says there will be separate regulations and Huawei can operate if it complies with these regulations.

Reference: gizchina

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