Discovering a series of new Covid-19 cases, Beijing blockaded a district
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Discovering a series of new Covid-19 cases, Beijing blockaded a district

Beijing, China has issued a travel ban and blockaded a district after discovering new cases of the new strain of corona virus around a major wholesale market.

Speaking at a news conference today, June 13, Zhou Junwei, an official in Fengtai District, southwestern Beijing, said his district was in “wartime emergency mode”. The state of emergency was declared after 45 people out of a total of 517 people sampled at the county Xinfadi wholesale market found positive for the new strain of corona virus. Notably, all of these individuals did not exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 infection.

Security forces blocked the entrance to Xinfadi wholesale market on June 12. Photo: CNA

Reuters quoted Mr. Zhou as saying that a person at a farmer’s market in Hainan County, northwest of the capital, also tested positive for Covid-19 without showing symptoms.

According to a local government spokesman, all six cases of Covid-19 in Beijing on June 12 had been to Xinfadi market before. Immediately after the incident was discovered, the city government suspended all sporting events as well as inter-provincial tourism activities. Phong Dai District has blocked 11 residential areas around the wholesale market to prevent dangerous pathogens from spreading.

Local authorities have closed Xinfadi market since 3 am today, after two recent visits to the market received positive results for Covid-19 on June 12. It is not clear how the two patients were infected.

Pang Xinghuo, an official at the Beijing Disease Control Center, said early investigations showed that these could be cases of exposure to the virus-carrying environment in the market or infection after exposure. with others who carry the germs.

Discovering a series of new Covid-19 cases, Beijing blockaded a district
Beijing closed Jingshen seafood market after it discovered new cases in the community in the capital on June 12. Photo: Reuters

Prior to the closure of Xinfadi Market, Beijing ordered the sale of beef and lamb trade to the wholesale market to be closed as well as to close other markets throughout the city.

China’s Youth Daily reported that amid growing fears of a second outbreak of the Covid-19 infection, major supermarkets in the capital removed salmon from store shelves. when virus was detected on cutting boards used to chop salmon meat imported at Xinfadi market.

The Beijing government announced it will conduct quarantine tests on more than 10,000 people at the market. Due to the complicated disease situation, the authorities also decided to cancel the plan for students from grades 1 to 3 to return to school from June 15.

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