Discover Resident Evil Village passwords, padlocks and treasures

Discover Resident Evil Village passwords, padlocks and treasures

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The gameplay of Resident Evil Village is complex and full of hidden elements to be deciphered and challenges to be overcome. The objective of this guide is to facilitate immersion, unveiling elements that block definitive situations for a more fluid and enjoyable gameplay. If you are curious, keep reading the article so as not to be trapped in situations that, in fact, need ‘almost nothing’ to be unlocked, although not everything will be unveiled – the game is yours!

  • Padlocks, doors, lockers and their passwords

  • Treasures

Overcoming puzzle challenges, discovering passwords and finding treasures from the Resident Evil Village to find ways and ways out of terror situations, in which the gamer will be confronted, requires a lot of cunning and observation. But in immersion, taken by fear and terror, attention will not always be in full shape – this guide will counteract fear.

Padlocks, doors, lockers and their passwords

  • Password 070408: used to open the lock found in the village workshop. You are faced with a pistol and a crank. Discover the combination of numbers, mentioned in a note, found there, looking out the window.

  • Password 052911: at the Beneviento house, it is the combination that unlocks the tap to wash the ring found on the doll’s left hand.

  • Password 270917: it serves an optional purpose, which allows you to enter the Luthier’s house and search the closet.


The maps do not hide the treasures, on the contrary, they are easily found in the exploration of the path taken.

  • Chalice of Cesare: it is called Luiza’s relic found in a chest that actually has two important elements in the play – a necklace stone and a key to unlock another chest, where Cesare’s Chalice is. Pay attention, the first chest will appear during the exploration of the village, in front of Luiza’s house. The stone and the chalice have a great exchange value in Law (money)!

  • Treasure Chalice of Berengeário: you must take Laje da Lápide, in the cemetery crypt, on the map, it is located in front of the castle. Watch out, the treasure disappears after dealing with Moreau. Take the gravestone to open the house Beneviento and with an ax, fight and defeat the enemy to receive the reward – the Chalice of Berengeário. It can be sold for a good price.

  • GM 79 Grenade Launcher Treasure: continuing, after the confrontation with Lord Moreau and, with the iron badge key in hand, you will have access to one of the houses in the village – in the west of the map, it is the locked door of a house. There you will get a grenade launcher that, in addition to being a useful weapon, is also worth many Laws.

  • Treasure Weapon M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum: do you remember the crank in the workshop? Well, access to Moreau’s lab unlocks with it and that’s where you find the Magnum weapon, which kills werewolves.

  • Golden Lady Treasure Statue: to get this treasure, it is best to consult the path and moves in the Resident Evil Village puzzle solving tip.

  • Father Nichola’s Angel Treasure: he will be at Moinho de Otto, where you will have to confront the mini-boss (sub-boss) with hammer. Winning, enter the mill to find the chest. The golden angel is also worth many laws.

  • Maestro’s Treasure Collection: in the Beneviento gardener’s house, Luthier’s key will be found, opening the house with a chimney. Inside, there is a padlock locking the doors of a closet, which contains the Maestro Collection (east of the city). In addition to the collection being worth a good price (Laws), it has the Steel Hraesvelgr object (steel bird) that has the ability to optimize the Rifle’s ammunition.

  • Guglielmo’s Treasure Board: when passing through the Fortress, note the details, to find 4 bottles. That done, in the next room, you will see the sign waiting for you.

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