Hotspot WiFi : se connecter à internet de partout

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The evolution of technology today offers many advantages in terms of performance, but also ergonomics and ease of use of the various tools. Access to the Internet connection, in France or abroad, has also improved. Mobile data distribution devices are easy to use and wireless. It is therefore very easy to share your internet connection on Android or iOS and there are hotspots of different types that make your life easier and allow you to use your computers anywhere. What is a hotspot? Where to find it and how to use it? All the useful information in this article.

What is a hotspot?

Found in many public spaces or private structures, hotspots are useful to millions of people every day. They keep you connected without requiring the use of your mobile data. Hotspots are of critical importance today and exist to enhance your daily internet experience. You have certainly heard of terminologies hotspot WiFi and hotspot 4G, what is the difference between these two themes?

What is a WiFi hotspot?

A WiFi hotspot is a defined physical location at which it is possible to connect to a WiFi network through a wireless local area network. These access points serve many devices every day such as smartphones, computers, tablets or any other equipment equipped with a WiFi adapter.

Currently, the majority of devices have WiFi adapters designed and installed to make it easier for you to use WiFi hotspots wherever and whenever you want.

WiFi hotspots can be present everywhere. Café, hotel, restaurant, airport, train station and in any other private public place. Connecting to a WiFi hotspot is mostly free, but may require payment of certain fees depending on where you are.

What is a 4G hotspot?

Many internet service users make the serious mistake of confusing a 4G hotspot with a 4G key. The 4G hotspot represents an ergonomic device, easily transportable, autonomous and above all wireless which allows a relatively large number of devices to connect simultaneously. It is not to be confused with the 4G key which is only for connecting a single device.

Depending on the model of your 4G hotspot, it may provide a WiFi network to more than ten devices. Depending on the use to be made of it, you can therefore opt for a professional, industrial or private 4G hotspot. For industrial workers, this type of hotspot has many applications for on-site or remote work.

What are the hotspots offered by ISPs and how do I connect to them?

Several hotspot solutions are offered by the main telecommunications operators in France. Orange, SFR with SFR WiFi FON, Free with FreeWiFi Secure or even Bouygues offer you free or paid hotspot options depending on the case. Here are different hotspot options offered by ISPs :

  • Community WiFi : Internet access providers offer a community WiFi network of a public or private nature to customers. The private network is made accessible after using a key. The public network is used by several subscribers at the same time. Community networks are offered free of charge to subscribers and are used by informing your WiFi credentials. These identifiers will depend on your operator;
  • Paid WiFi networks : they are available in many public and private spaces. And are accessible in different ways. You can get yours through a mobile plan or even a prepaid card. Also, many agreements exist between the operators in order to allow the customers of a network to benefit from the hotspot of another operator. Once again, credentials are used to access a given hotspot. All you have to do is choose your network from the list of operators offered.

What are the security risks associated with hotspots and how can you protect yourself?

Using hotspots is an efficient and easy way to stay connected permanently and sometimes without having to pay anything. However, it is important to keep in mind that Internet connection means and tools are very often the target of hackers and malicious people. Using a hotspot, Among other things, you could be the victim of identity theft or a malware attack with the aim of using your data or rendering your computer out of service.

Some tips for using hotspots securely

Before connecting your devices to a public hotspot, it is advisable to access only those known to be serious. However, note that sometimes hackers use names that are close to those of your known operators. So be careful to make sure of the name of the hotspot available in your area.

Another way to increase the security of your devices is by using a quality VPN. Go for a VPN router or for a monthly subscription of your choice.

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