Discounted applications, software and games on July 2
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 Discounted applications, software and games on July 2

Discounted applications, software and games on July 2

Every day a new set of products, it can be extremely hot titles, new gadgets appear, or it can also be extremely convenient applications for users. Let’s take a look at today, what are the products we are introduced to? And whether they are interesting enough, is there any benefit to you?

Applications, games, free software July 2

first. DIVR Scuba Diving Buddy Finder – Android

Speaking of diving, this is considered an adventure sport. In Vietnam, this subject has not been paid much attention and developed, it is mostly known and participated by people on vacation, when they are traveling with family, friends and diving sites. planning in advance. But in the World, diving has long become a sport, a competition, even a passion. Proof of this is an app where the connection between participants is like a social networking site, where they can share information, help each other, exchange experiences and knowledge among people. have the same passion.

Discounted applications, software and games on July 2

Download DIVR Scuba Diving Buddy Finder for free.

2. AnkiApp Flashcards – Mac OS X

Geography for many people is an interesting and rewarding subject, but for others, it’s a really complex, uninspiring, and hard-to-learn subject. However now, with the perfect help from AnkiApp Flashcards, you will have an additional learning method, a companion to assist in learning this subject. Unlike the dry and tangled text on books, this is an extremely intuitive instructional tool with information that appears directly, users will feel comfortable and excited as if traveling. discovery schedule, which inspires better learning.

Discounted applications, software and games on July 2

Download AnkiApp Flashcards for free.

3. The Duplicate Finder – Mac OS X

In the process of using the computer to work and study. Certainly we will have to regularly save the document file, the relevant information. Gradually over time, the size of the things you download and save will increase and take up memory in your computer, which will have lots of junk files and unnecessary redundancies. Normally you can delete them for debt relief, but with time, finding and erasing is almost hopeless, you can hardly find hundreds of GB that you have saved. Now, a great tool for clearing those junk files is The Duplicate Finder. With just one click, all will be solved easily and quickly. However, this tool is only free for Mac operating systems.

Free, discounted applications, software, games on July 2

4. King of Math: Full Game – iOS

An intellectual game for those who love the light game genre in general, and for enthusiasts in particular. King of Math – Full Game includes a series of mini games about Math, intellectual challenge but equally attractive. King of Math: Full Game – Are you a good math person? The answer is here!

Download King of Math: Full Game for free.

5. Sparkle 2 – Android

A new and old game. Sparkle 2 is a variation of the game series Zuma Deluxe, Zuma’s Revenge and Zuma’s Revenge! – Adventure. The interface is a bit different, but the gameplay is completely the same. A special feature makes this game becoming more attractive and attractive is in the graphics that is extremely eye-catching and vivid, the colors of the more vivid colors and the funny sounds that make Sparkle 2 becomes a game not to be missed.

Download Sparkle 2 for free here.

6. Pixel Cup Soccer – iOS

And finally, the indispensable dish for the followers of the round ball. An extremely new and extremely fun football game. Not a game that cares about graphics or sound. The image of the game is not smooth, the players are not real, the skills are not too picky, but Pixel Cup Soccer is a football game not to be missed this summer. Be quick to download and experience offline!

Download Pixel Cup Soccer for free here.

Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!

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