Disclosure of the Indian Special Forces Border Force on the Sino-Indian border
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Disclosure of the Indian Special Forces Border Force on the Sino-Indian border

In late August, conflict between China and India broke out at the border again. At that time, Tibetan officer Nyima Tenzin, of the Special Forces Border Force of India, mistakenly stepped on the bomb and died. After the incident, the Indian army sent him off with the Indian flag and the “Snow Mountain Lion Flag” representing Tibet’s independence movement. Therefore, the mysterious Tibet Force of India (Special Border Forces, SFF) has been revealed.

India’s Special Border Forces (SFF) in 1971. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

According to Voice of the United States (VOA), in 1962, China and India had an armed conflict on the border, at that time, India was defeated. The main cause of this failure was that the majority of soldiers were unable to adapt to the high altitude environment. Since then, Indian Prime Minister Nehru has organized a mysterious team whose main recruits are Tibetan exiles who fled to India in 1959 with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and the next generation of surname. These Tibetans are on a mountain at an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level. to them at this height “It’s like walking on the ground”.

These Tibetans and Nepali-speaking Gurkha have been assembled into a mysterious elite unit of India, the news report said. This army is supposedly part of the Army, but is in fact directly accountable to the prime minister and cabinet of India. The first commander of this unit was Major General Sujan Singh Uban, a legend in the Indian army. Major General Sujan Singh Uban, who was trained by the US CIA and also has CIA weapons.

The bulletin pointed out that the military was engaged in the Indian war against Pakistan and the war for independence in Bangladesh in 1971. According to the data, there are currently about 10,000 SFF soldiers, forming 6 battalions.

According to the Hindustan Times reported, the mode of operation of this force is always kept secret, even the military is not aware of the force’s movements. Overall, the unit’s main missions include special investigations, surprise attacks and covert operations, they have lots of feats and heroic tales, but they are not known by ordinary people.

According to The Indian Express, this unit has its own hierarchy, standing on par with the rank of the army. They are, however, well-trained special forces personnel who are able to perform some of the more special and secretive tasks.

According to the report, Tenzin Nyima (53 years old), who was killed during a military operation on the southern bank of Lake Pangong, in Ladakh region, stepped on a mine and was killed.

His body was taken to Choglamsar, a town a few kilometers from Leh, the capital of Ladakh, on September 1.

Photos from the scene show Tenzin Nyima’s coffin, covered with a three-color Indian flag by the Indian army. In particular, the traditional “snow mountain lion” of the Tibetans is also covered on the top of the coffin, now also used in the movement to claim the independence of the Tibetans.

Indian Special Border Force SFF’s Snow Mountain Lion Emblem – SFF (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Both sides are upgraded in a state of war preparation

It is reported that although the Chinese and Indian foreign ministers held talks in Moscow on 9/11 and announced that they had reached a five-point consensus, both sides agreed to withdraw their border garrison as soon as possible. the better. But in fact, both sides have not relaxed their guard, recently it has been reported that both sides have upgraded their war preparations.

On September 16, according to the Nam Hoa Tao newspaper (SCMP), a CCP military source revealed that in the disputed border area between China and India, the Chinese military had entered a state of readiness and mobilization of the secondary, along with the ability to fight level one only one level apart. If it entered a second level combat readiness state, it meant that the government would send more troops and weapons to the front lines, and all officers, regardless of rank, would increase combat training. .

On September 15, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh attended the meeting of the Indian National Assembly, and he sternly accused the Chinese army of not complying with the Indian border agreement. The Indian Defense Minister directly condemned the CCP army for its aggressive acts of aggression.

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