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Director “Doctor Strange” does not want fans to see “Tenet”

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Doctor Strange Director Scott Derrickson advised US film fans not to go to the movies, especially Tenet at this time.

Directors Doctor Strange Scott Derrickson has urged movie fans not to go to theaters to watch Tenet – or any other movie – while the COVID-19 pandemic is underway. He also made it clear that he was specifically talking about showing movies in the US: “Don’t go see Tenet or any other movie in the cinema. I told you. Then he added: “Of course to my American friends.”

Director Doctor Strange does not want fans to go to theaters to see Tenet

To illustrate his point, the director later shared an article titled: “Please don’t go to the cinema: ‘That’s something I don’t want to do right now.” One follower expressed his agreement: “Thank you for saying what many of us have felt. I want to watch movies in the cinema. However, now is not the time. It’s too early and we don’t have a vaccine ”.

However, another protested: “The regulations of social distancing in theaters here are more than enough … I would be more dangerous at the store, the bank, or my own job”.

Derrickson is not the only Marvel director ever to talk about the thrill of returning to the cinema. The Russo Brothers in June shared that going to the movies was a “high risk” thing at that time.

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The director gave up directing for a Doctor Strange sequel earlier this year, citing a “creative difference” with Marvel. Even so, he continued to work on the project as an executive producer. Derrickson had a big new project, though: a sequel to Jim Henson’s classic musical fantasy film Labyrinth.

Tenet is currently showing in theaters.

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