Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Direct Liverpool vs Everton: Overcoming the waves

Liverpool seeks to overcome the crisis in the reception of rival city Everton at home in round 25 of the Premier League.

Live football Liverpool vs Everton – Round 25 of the Premier League

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45 & # 39;: The first half has 4 minutes of stoppage time

33 & # 39;: Alisson saved

Digne unexpectedly crossed the ball to make Coleman fly his head, but Alisson made a brilliant reflex to save.

30 ‘: Henderson has an injury and is unable to continue playing.

 Liverpool 0-1 Everton

21 & # 39;: Continuous bombardment

Another powerful long shot, this time coming from Alexander-Arnold, but the ball went over the bar.

20 & # 39;: NOT IN

Henderson volleyed an impressive touch, but goalkeeper Pickford flew around to make a clearance.

19 & # 39;: NOT IN

Mane turned the impression and created the opportunity for Firmino to finish right in front of the Everton goal, but the visitors’ defender rolled to save.

15 & # 39;: The speed of the game is being pushed up very high by the two teams in the first 15 minutes.

3 & # 39;: IN! Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Starting from Thiago’s loss, the ball reached James Rodriguez’s feet, and then the midfielder poked a slot for Richarlison to break the cross corner to defeat Alisson.

 Liverpool 0-1 Everton

2 & # 39;: Dangerous

Godfrey touches the ball with his chest in the Liverpool penalty box, but the ball is not directed at the goal.



Liverpool: Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Kabak, Henderson, Robertson; Thiago, Wijnaldum, Jones; Salah, Firmino, Mane

Everton: Pickford; Coleman, Holgate, Keane, Godfrey; Davies, Doucoure, Gomes, Digne; James; Richarlison.

Schedule of Premier League round 25



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