Diplomatic breakthrough: Israel opens an embassy in the UAE

Diplomatic breakthrough: Israel opens an embassy in the UAE

On January 24, Israel opened an embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), four months after the two countries signed an agreement to normalize relations mediated by the Trump administration.

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Israel’s Foreign Ministry stated: “On January 24, the Israeli embassy in Abu Dhabi was officially established with the presence of Ambassador Eitan Naeh. Embassy Israel in the United Arab Emirates will promote relations between the two countries on all levels. “

Accordingly, the Embassy of Israel was established in the capital Abu Dhab and Ambassador Eitan Na’eh will hold the role of person in charge of the case until the appointment of the permanent ambassador. The same day, the UAE approved the setting up of its embassy in Tel Aviv.

The Israeli Embassy will operate from “temporary offices“Until a permanent basis is defined, Ministry of Foreign Affairs added.

The ministry also stated, Israel’s establishment of an embassy in the UAE is a historic move “Expanding relations with the UAE government, financial institutions and the private sector, universities, the media and more”.

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said the new embassy will “To allow the expansion of bilateral relations between Israel and the United Kingdoms to rapidly deploy and maximize the potential of these relationships.”

He emphasized: “This is an important decision to promote the warm relationship between our countries and the UAE. We look forward to welcoming representatives of the UAE soon. ”

Minister Ashkenazi also thanked “Heir to the throne, Princess Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, my colleagues, friends and Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed of the UAE, for their leadership and hospitality towards their representatives. we.”

European Union Ambassador to Israel Emanuele Giaufret also congratulated Ambassador Na’eh on the new position, encouraging that this role would “Beneficial for the stability of the region”.

The UAE is the first of the four Arab countries to normalize relations with Israel under the Abrahamic Agreements, followed by Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said it will also open a liaison office in Rabat, Morocco and the Consulate in Dubai. Israel now has an active embassy in Bahrain, established a few weeks ago.

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