Dior fashion house paints a tarot universe full of magical magic 3 minutes to read

Dior fashion house paints a tarot universe full of magical magic 3 minutes to read

The just released Spring Summer 2021 collection has shook the global fashion industry under the era of “big tree” Creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri.

She shared with Vogue: “What’s cool to me about tarot is that when you’re in a tough time, the cards are like something magical that can help you regain your balance and calm down.”. The impact of isolation in a pandemic crisis is one reason why she came up with this idea. “It’s been a long time we’ve all been alone. We have the opportunity to think more about many aspects of ourselves and our life. I have a belief: This year will be a major turning point ”.

Not only a fashion collection, but Dior has built a story in the land of magical tarot. This is the second time Chiuri has collaborated with director Matteo Garrone on the BST release. “We decided to tell a story about a girl walking inside a castle. She explores the castle through the symbols of the tarot card, until in the end, it is no one other than herself who determines the fate of her life. And that’s when she comes to terms with aspects of her own personality and learns not to be afraid of the future. “.

The collection has a medieval flavor of Italy, also the history originating from Chiuri’s hometown. Part of her inspiration came from studying the first deck called the Visconti-Sforza deck, created by Bonifacio Bembo around 1400 to entertain the Duke of Milan’s family. Three centuries later, the French themselves discovered the mystical power of the cards and called them tarot. So, in this BST is the perfect, top-notch blend of Dior-Chiuri and France-Italy.

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