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Ding Yingfeng, Co-President of NetEase Games: NetEase strives to build a global, national and global e-sports ecosystem

On August 1, 2020, the 2020 Global E-Sports Conference was held as scheduled at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai.

At the meeting, Mr. Ding Yingfeng, co-president of NetEase Games delivered a keynote speech “The New 20 Years: Global E-sports, National E-sports, Global E-sports”.

He said that e-sports is evolving towards the mainstream cultural form. Standing at the node of the new era, a healthy e-sports ecosystem includes three levels: the first is to create industrial value and to do global e-sports; the second is to create society Value, to be a national e-sports; the third is to create Chinese value, to be a global e-sports. At the same time, he also mentioned that NetEase invested 5 billion in the e-sports ecological park in Shanghai, which has begun construction. In the future, it will give full play to the industrial agglomeration effect and promote the professional and standardized development of the industry.

The following is the full text of the speech:

Dear leaders and guests:

Hello everyone, I am very glad to be here with you at the E-Sports Conference.

Looking at the evolution of the world’s modern cultural trends, it can basically be seen as a history of different subcultures becoming mainstream cultures. In the past 100 years, we have popular music, movies, comics, etc. In the next ten years, if there is any culture that has the most hope to become the next wave of mainstream, I think e-sports must be one of them.

In 2019, China’s e-sports users have exceeded 400 million, and the market size has reached 120 billion yuan. Today’s e-sports is far more than just a sports event, it is also evolving toward the mainstream culture.

It is at such a time node that it is more necessary to think about how to make the e-sports culture more stable and go further in the rapid development. In our view, any project to be bigger and stronger requires a healthy ecosystem. For e-sports, this ecosystem should include three levels:

First, create industrial value and do global e-sports;
Second, create social value and be an e-sports for all;
Third, create Chinese value and do global e-sports.

First of all, to do global e-sports, we must polish a high-quality game and build a health industry.

The source of e-sports is the game product. Netease Games’ consistent idea is to develop competition brands based on premium games.

Our self-developed “Fantasy Westward Journey” and “Decisive Battle!” “Ping An Jing”, “The Fifth Personality” and other products, the game is deeply loved by players, corresponding to the Wushen Altar, “Decisive Battle!” “Ping An Beijing” professional league OPL, “Fifth Personality” professional league IVL, etc., have become well-known e-sports brands. In addition, we are continuing to make breakthroughs. The mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” will soon launch the MMO Innovation League Martial Arts Summit.

E-sports needs good products, just as the body needs fresh blood and new blood circulation depends on a sound and efficient upstream and downstream industrial chain.

Talent is very important in this ecosystem.

Currently, the talent gap in China’s e-sports industry is as high as 500,000. To this end, we have launched two talent incubation programs-“Netease E-sports” and “NeXT Astral Plan”. Today, the “NetEase E-Sports Club” has covered more than 150 colleges and universities and nearly 200 e-sports clubs across the country. The “Astral Plan” has also unearthed a group of outstanding talents to enter the professional stage.

In addition, in the modern economy, the rise of every industry is inseparable from a cluster of industries with global influence. Shanghai has a unique foundation for the development of the e-sports industry. At present, many top domestic e-sports players, clubs and manufacturers have gathered. For Shanghai to become the “global e-sports capital”, a world-class e-sports industry cluster belonging to this city is indispensable.

Last year, we shared here that we plan to invest 5 billion yuan to build a NetEase e-sports ecological park in Qingpu, Shanghai. It is not only focusing on the great prospects of this industrial agglomeration, but also determined to play a leading role in the long-term development of China’s e-sports. The due role. At present, the NetEase E-sports Ecological Park has entered the construction stage, including product development, arenas, team development and other industrial modules, which will all land here.

In the future, through the use of the park model to exert agglomeration effects, we hope to further open up the upstream and downstream of e-sports, reduce costs and increase efficiency for the entire industrial chain, and promote the professional and standardized development of the industry.

Second, to do nationwide e-sports, you need to start an event to create a festival.

From subculture to mainstream culture, e-sports will inevitably go through a “out of the circle” process from professional competitions to participation by the whole people. By creating a cultural atmosphere and emphasizing fan participation, making e-sports a better part of social and cultural life is also the key to promoting e-sports “out of the circle”.

Many people may feel this way. Every time I go to the World Cup, the fans around me seem to increase. Watching the World Cup is one aspect of high-level games, but more people still go to the World Cup as a festival to feel the grand sports atmosphere and fan culture.

In the same way, NetEase e-sports NeXT is such an e-sports carnival exclusively for game lovers. Since the establishment of the brand in 2018, it has successfully aggregated more than 20 game projects, attracting nearly a million game lovers to participate in it. At the same time, the offline finals also attracted more than 100,000 players. While witnessing the moment of championship, it provided exciting events and entertainment content such as ring games, interactive challenges, cosplay, and derivative programs, providing game lovers with a grand e-sports An experience platform for atmosphere and culture.

“decisive battle! “Ping An Beijing” professional league OPL, as NetEase’s “pioneering work” in promoting professional e-sports, in addition to emphasizing the presentation of professional sports-level events, it has always advocated “with players”. One of the biggest characteristics of the league atmosphere is the joyous support culture that audiences love to see and participate widely. Our fans at home and abroad have spontaneously created “Fight!” The support videos, music, and illustrations on the theme of “Peace Beijing” also added a lot of highlights to the league itself. At present, the “Decisive Battle! “Ping An Beijing” OPL Summer Tournament is being held in Shanghai. I also sincerely invite you to come and participate. Even if you may not be a player of our game, you will definitely be infected by the joyful atmosphere.

In addition, game clubs and e-sports players are also important forces to promote the cultural atmosphere of e-sports. NetEase’s Shanghai Dragon Club, after winning the first championship of the Chinese club in the Overwatch OWL League last year, announced its presence in Shanghai. New home. In the new venue, in addition to watching the game, spectators can also participate in various activities such as player meet-and-greets, cosplay competitions, and base open days. We hope that with the opening of the event, fans will gain emotional resonance in the immersive experience, and be proud of the Shanghai local e-sports club that has topped the league this season, and truly become a member of the club family.

Looking to the future, when we gradually change the way we operate e-sports from competition thinking to pan-entertainment thinking, and the way we get along with players from the business field to the emotional field, e-sports will definitely have a broader mass base and a deeper foundation. Cultural soil.

Finally, to do global e-sports, you need to go from sailing to the sea to take root.

In recent years, China’s cultural industry has become increasingly prosperous and globalization has accelerated. We believe that a very important part of cultural export is to communicate and integrate with local cultures around the world.
There is a saying in the e-sports industry that Japan is “e-sports desert.” The Netease Games team has been studying how e-sports can be integrated with the local Japanese culture.

We understand that the level of development of campus sports in Japan does not lose to the professional league, so e-sports can also use campus sports to integrate into Japanese social life.

Since last year, we have hosted more than 100 Japanese Wilderness Action High School Competition KOIC, attracting students from more than 2500 schools including the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University.
This year, we began to cooperate with Japanese local governments, and in the second half of the year, we will launch the NetEase e-sports high school student competition system. In the future, we will promote this event to the whole of Japan and cooperate with more regions and schools to make e-sports a brand new way of life leading the culture and fashion of the younger generation in Japan.

With the increasing acceptance of e-sports culture in Japanese society, the 2020 Wilderness Action CHAMP event that we just concluded in Japan not long ago also broke the record of the number of viewers and total number of viewers of Japanese e-sports products. The record is also maintained by ourselves in 2019.

In addition to making breakthroughs in the Japanese market, this year is also the third edition of our Fifth Personality World Finals (COA). This time the team size continues to extend from China, Japan, Korea to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. The finals are in multiple languages. Broadcast to 60 countries and regions around the world, realizing the global landing of IP created in China.

As a key component and innovative force of China’s cultural industry in the new era, e-sports, using e-sports culture as a carrier, in the future, we will have the ability to make Chinese voices around the world, create Chinese value, and let the world understand a wonderful and diverse China.

Global e-sports, national e-sports, and global e-sports. China e-sports has been around for nearly 20 years. In the next 20 years, I believe these three “alls” will lead China’s e-sports to a more solid industrial foundation and a deeper cultural soil. , A new peak with wider international influence.

Thank you!


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