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Digitimes: iPhone 2020 will have the following camera using 3D ToF sensor

A new report from Digitimes just stated that Apple has asked one of its partners in its supply chain to prepare the VCSEL components used in the ToF (Time-of-Flight) camera to integrate it is on the rear camera of the iPhone 2020.

This is not the first time we have heard of Apple working to integrate the ToF camera for iPhone 2020. Using the ToF camera will allow "Apple Apples" to provide advanced AR and 3D scanning features. my iPhone 2020

According to the iPhonehacks page, the ToF camera using VCSEL will have the same operation mode as the TrueDepth camera system that Apple has equipped for iPhone X and iPhone XS. However, according to previous reports, the ToF camera on the iPhone 2020 will use lasers to measure distance and depth, making it even more advanced than TrueDepth camera settings.

It is known that Apple has invested heavily in ARKit and its surrounding ecosystem. However, we still have not seen any breakthrough AR applications that can help this technology become a trend. However, putting the ToF camera into the iPhone 2020 will allow developers to create more powerful AR applications that can change this.

In addition, analysts also predicted that Apple could integrate this 3D ToF sensor onto the rear camera of iPads 2020 before it appeared on the iPhone 2020 generation. Let's wait and see!

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