Digimon Adventure will launch a new TV anime in early April!

Recently, in the March issue of V Jump, Shueisha has announced the release of a new television anime series of the Digimon Adventure series that will be released on Fuji TV and other channels in Japan from April. next. The anime will air in the 9:00 am JST Sunday time slot – The Gegege no Kitarou anime time frame is about to end at the end of March.

The staffing team involved in the project includes:

  • Directors: Masato Mitsuka
  • Studio: Toei Animation
  • Script: Atsuhiro Tomioka
  • Character design: Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru
  • Animation director: Akihiro Asanuma
  • Art director: Ryouka Kinoshita
  • Art: Toshiki Amada
  • Producer: Matsuki Hanae, Naoko Sagawa and Hiroyuki Sakurada

The anime will take place in 2020 with a completely new story focusing on Taichi Yagami, when he was in 5th grade at elementary school. Beside him was his friend Agumon. The story begins when there is a large-scale network incident in Tokyo. Taichi was preparing for his weekend camping trip when the incident occurred. Taichi’s mother and younger sister Hikari were trapped on a train that was still moving very fast. Taichi and Shibuya decided to save them. However, on the way there, the boy encountered a strange phenomenon, sweeping him into “Digital World” with the other DigiDestined.

The first part of Digimon Adventure was released in 1999.

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