Differences between Visual designer, Graphic designer and UI designer

Differences between Visual designer, Graphic designer and UI designer

Graphic designer. Visual designer. User interface (UI) designer. User experience (UX) designer. Web designer. Specifically, how many different design types? If you have heard these terms, do you feel confused and wonder what these terms mean? And more importantly, have you ever wondered where your career in design will be?

It can be very confusing, so in this article, I will explain the differences between the 3 terms visual design, graphic design and UI design.

What is the job of a graphic designer?


Graphic designers can have one of the most prominent job positions in the design and technology world. But can you identify what they are really doing on daily?

Graphic designers often work more with print and distribution designs, such as posters, leaflets, invitations, and business cards and some other publications. They also occasionally create user interface designs for the web, such as logos and icons.

Graphic designers must know the fundamentals of design: things like color theory and typography. They also need to know how to build brand assets (such as logos) and make sure they match all designs for the brand.

Graphics designers do most of their work in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign (3 Adobe products), although some designers are switching to Sketch to replace Photoshop (currently only available on Mac!).

One thing graphic designers don’t need to know is how to code. All coding for a project is the work of the developers (perhaps the user interface developer).

The average monthly salary of graphic designers is 8-22 million.

What is the job of UI designer?


UI designers are responsible for the “look” of websites, apps or other products. In other words, they are the ones who add colors, typography, and layout.
UI desingers work solely on the web, rather than primarily working with print publications like graphic designers. Therefore, they should have an in-depth understanding of user experience and web design.


They build websites, web applications, web layouts in general and need strong wireframing skills in their design toolkit. They need to be familiar with HTML and CSS to understand how their design will work on actual websites, applications and products, and for that reason, it helps a lot if they have the least. a basic understanding of JavaScript (or better yet – feel free to write JavaScript code).
Like graphic designers, they also need to master common design fundamentals like color theory and typography.
UI desingers do most of their work in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. But they also do a lot of work in wireframing software to allow them to show customers and team members how their design will work in practice.

The average UI UI annual salary is 10 – 22 million

What is the job of a visual designer?

Visual designers are the problem solvers of the design world. Instead of just bringing the brand to life, they play an important role in determining what makes a brand unique and the voice of a brand. In addition to creating beautiful designs, they also need to know how to interpret the design concepts and decisions behind their work.


Visual designers do a lot of different work in everyday work. It’s a combination of what graphic designers and UI desinger do, but with a whole host of other skills. They must understand user experience, user interface and web design. But, they don’t need to know the code.

Visual designers rarely work on print products, but they need a deep understanding of graphic design, identity design and branding. They also need to have special communication and visual communication skills.


They mainly work with web layouts and products, including things like logos, statistics, logos and presentations. They must also be familiar with industry standard software (mostly Adobe and Sketch), plus they need wireframing skills as a UI designer.

Ultimately, visual designers need to know how user interface developers work and the language they use. Although visual desingers do not need to know how to code, at least they need to know how to communicate with the code makers and how to create code-able designs later.

The average annual salary of visual designers: 10 – 22 million

What job is for you?

Graphic design work is slowly diminishing. If you do not have the web skills, it will be difficult for you to find a high paying job. In fact every brand today has a presence on the web, and sometimes they have a stronger online presence than on print media. The conclusion is that knowing how to design the web gives you a much stronger position in the job market.

If you are more interested in coding and engineering, user interface design (UI) can be a great option. Some UI designers will at least code some common coding (although not all of them will).

Visual design is great for those who want a better design career, with little or no coding. Visual designers do everything from branding to website design and web applications.



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