Difference between Notepad and WordPad in Windows

Difference between Notepad and WordPad in Windows

If you have been well trained in Microsoft Word, you probably have never “moved” to other writing programs on Windows like Notepad and WordPad. Both Notepad and WordPad were developed by Microsoft themselves, and are integrated in all versions of Windows, but Notepad and WordPad are only supported, not comparable to Word. To better understand the difference between Notepad and WorPad in Windows, please refer to the article below.

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Although not able to meet all of your requirements like other paid software offers, but Notepad and WordPad may be helpful in some cases.

Differences between notepad and worpad in windows

Notepad and WordPadAlthough it sounds quite similar, each program is used for different purposes. Notepad is a text editor, essentially for entering plain text, while WordPad is a word processor, for formatting and printing documents – just like Microsoft Word, but not first. progress like Microsoft Word.

But Notepad and WordPad aren’t the only programs for word processing or editing. This article will give you some information about the differences between Notepad and WordPad in Windows as well as the difference between this text editor and word processor.

Text editor: Nothing more than a text editor

Text editors are simple: editing programs that focus primarily on text. These types of apps are designed for beginners to save the plain content they’re writing about, providing little or no means to change the content’s format or visual style.

If this doesn’t seem to be helpful to you, chances are you don’t need a simple editor like that … and possibly for some other reason.

Differences between notepad and worpad in windows 2

These programs avoid visual formatting and editing tags. The reason is because these programs need to keep the format and content as wide as possible, the concept is called “plain text”. Files saved in .txt format can be imported, read and edited by a variety of tools.

Windows programs, for example, often save local configuration settings as a simple list in a .txt file. That way, the program itself can get and change its own settings as needed, but if something goes wrong and the program can’t be started, the user can manually file it. values.

An activity log that continuously records program activities and results is usually saved as plain text. This makes .txt and similar files small compared to original document files: a novel of 100,000 pages can be saved as a .txt file as small as 1/2 megabytes.

Differences between notepad and worpad in windows 3

Programmers appreciate simple text editors. This is because plain text editors lack formatting, which is conducive to writing in many different programming languages. Some authors and typists also love simple editors to use for the first phase of a large project, then move on to a word processor to finish the project.

Although text generated by the text editors is defined as having no complicated formatting. However some text editors include some basic formatting tools (like wrap text to make text easier to read, compatible with cutting, copying, and pasting shortcuts or the “Find” function ( find)) is quite convenient for users.

Word processor: All formats suitable for printing

The word processor is used primarily as a tool for writing, not merely entering text anymore. This means that files created from word processors are read, edited and printed on a regular basis, complete with complex formatting and structure options.

Differences between notepad and worpad in windows 4

Word processors export to specific formats, which means those documents are printed or read by other word-processing programs. Formatting tools in word processors include options for both print and digital output, with support for inserting hyperlinks, images, tables, and even videos.

Most of them are compatible with word processor proprietary formats – such as the .doc extension of Microsoft Word – as well as other formats like .rtf Real Text Format.

The word processor can also read and edit plain text editor file formats, such as .txt. Users can add the content they want to plain text, but be careful when saving the text.

Saving in the original format will destroy all of the added formats, making word-processing programs more complicated, but saving to a more powerful file format results in a larger file size and incompatibility. Original text editor.

In short, if you open a .txt file or any unformatted document, you should open it in Notepad to avoid the possibility of saving the file or document in an incompatible file.

Difference between Notepad and WordPad in Windows

Microsoft Notepad “was born” before Windows – Notepad was originally integrated as a packaged application for Microsoft Mouse in 1983, running in the MS-DOS environment.

The text editor was integrated on the first release of Windows in 1985. And since then Notepad has been “inseparable” from the Windows platform. Although Notepad is not the most complicated text editor, due to its universal nature it is used the most.

Differences between notepad and worpad in windows 5

About a decade later, Microsoft developed WordPad as a free program built into Windows 95 and kept the standard component of the developing operating system.

WordPad replaces the similar Microsoft Write program that was built into Windows 1.0 and later versions. As a free and basic word processor, WordPad has quickly become a heavyweight competitor to Notepad and other paid programs like Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect.

Differences between notepad and worpad in windows 6

As a text editor, Notepad handles small, simple tasks well, like grocery listings or direct annotations. Notepad is also great for programming file types, although there are many other better word-processing programs out there.

Likewise, although WordPad is not as “powerful” as other complex programs, the basic formatting tools in it make WordPad a better choice for editing long documents, such as a picture. letter or instruction file.

In particular, Microsoft retains many of the advanced word processing features such as advanced formatting and spelling checking on WordPad, possibly to avoid discounts on Microsoft Word and Office. However, some authors, writers, and poets like the simplicity of WordPad’s interface and file.rtf.

Application to replace text editor and editor

While Notepad and Wordpad are free text editors and editors built into the Windows operating system, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to “stick” with them. There are many free programs that you can choose from to replace these two.

Differences between notepad and worpad in windows 7

Notepad + and newer Notepad ++ still use Notepad’s simple interface and only add useful new features like line display, a series of toolbars, macros, and auto-completion (word display command line keys to help you type code quickly).

Often programmers prefer to use Notepad ++ more, but this program is also quite useful for writers, poets, authors.

The more advanced plain text editor offers more features for writing computer code, like Atom, SublimeText, and Emacs. And all of these programs are free programs.

Users looking for a simple solution to taking notes can also use cross-platform syncing tools like Evernote. , Google Keep and Microsoft’s OneNote.

As a word processor, WordPad is clear as the alternative to Microsoft Word. But if you don’t want to pay for a Microsoft Office license, there are plenty of free word processors with features like Micosoft Word that you can choose from. All of these word processors are more complex and feature more features than WordPad. The first LibreOffice is mentioned, although OpenOffice (LibreOffice evolved from a branch of OpenOffice) is still available.

Online word processor like Google Docs Very handy for those who want to keep their files synchronized. Microsoft even offers an online version of Word for free, although the program is only accessible from one browser. Other options include AbiWord , Jarte , Kingsoft Writer.

Try out some of these programs and find the one you like best – with so many options, you’re sure to find the one that’s perfect for your needs.

As noted above. Wordpad and Notepad only support users to take notes on the computer, but if you think about editing text, you should use Word. However, when using Word, you will encounter many unforeseen situations, such as underline errors in Word. This error appears blue and red ripples under the words, the way to delete underlines in Word is actually not difficult, if you are using Word 2010, you can see the article deleting underline in Word to fix this error.

After finishing composing documents in Word, users will go ahead and bring this Word file to print, now 2-sided printing has become very popular everywhere instead of 1-sided printing as before, 2-sided printing. word face will save money if your printed documents have hundreds of pages.

Not only typing text in Word is done, you also need to know how to present your Word documents in a beautiful and most impressive way, spacing in Word is quite important because if the words stick together in One line or one paragraph is difficult to see, so each of us needs to equip Word spacing well.


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