Didi Autopilot received USD 300 million financing led by IDG Capital, and it received more than USD 500 million in financing last year

Didi Autopilot received USD 300 million financing led by IDG Capital, and it received more than USD 500 million in financing last year

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36 Krypton learned that Didi Autopilot has completed a new round of financing of 300 million US dollars, led by IDG Capital, with CPE, Paulson, Sino-Russian Investment Fund, Guotai Junan International, CCB International and other investment institutions.

In response to this financing, Didi CTO and autopilot CEO Zhang Bo mentioned in a Moments: “Thank you for your attention and expectation. Didi will spare no effort to invest in autopilot technology research and development and run with all its strength.”

Didi has been developing autonomous driving business for more than 4 years. In August 2019, Didi upgraded its autonomous driving division to an independent company. In May 2020, after independence, Didi Autopilot announced that it had received over US$500 million in financing led by Phase 2 of the SoftBank Vision Fund. This is the single largest financing obtained by a domestic autonomous driving company.

Source: Didi Autonomous Driving Official WeChat Official Account

Compared with other self-driving car startups, the biggest advantage of Didi’s self-driving car-hailing is its huge online car-hailing operation database and passenger network. This has important value for algorithm optimization, education market, and improvement of passenger experience.

In addition, the progress of Didi’s autonomous driving in the past year is also an important reason for obtaining external capital blessing.

At present, Didi has obtained road test qualifications in Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Suzhou, California and other places, and obtained the first batch of manned demonstration application licenses issued by Shanghai.From 2020Starting on June 27, Didi Robotaxi began trial operation in Jiading, Shanghai, with a total length of 53.6 kilometers. Users can apply for the experience by selecting the starting point and ending point of the itinerary in the new “Future Travel” of the Didi Travel APP.

In terms of cooperation with OEMs, in November last year, Didi Autopilot and BAIC Group jointly developed a new generation of L4 autonomous vehicles based on the BEIJING-EU7 model. BAIC Group is also the only domestic auto company that has established a strategic partnership with Didi Autonomous Driving.


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