Did Mr. Biden choose to freeze NATO before Russia?

Did Mr. Biden choose to freeze NATO before Russia?

Analyst John Ruehl of the American Journal of National Interest recently said that the US is choosing to “freeze” Europe in the face of policy concerns with Russia and China.

How did Biden choose NATO before Russia?
Because of Russia, it is difficult for Americans to bring Ukraine into NATO

Accordingly, he said, hidden behind the Biden-Putin summit is an “implicit commitment” in which the US President pledged to the Russians about the possibility of Ukraine joining the North Atlantic alliance (NATO). .

The United States and its European allies have set their target opponent for the near-term as China, and to contain this, it is necessary to separate relations between China and Russia. John Ruehl said that the West has realized that NATO expansion will push Russia closer to China, this is the worst nightmare for the US.

Therefore, Washington will block Ukraine’s entry into the Western military bloc. The US president appears to have secretly offered corresponding guarantees to Moscow at his summit with Russia on June 16 in Geneva, Switzerland. What Mr. Biden showed was Ukraine’s dim importance in Europe and only supporting their primary concern about Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

President Biden also did not say anything about the efforts to change and reform in the Ukrainian military over the past time or the Membership Action Plan (MAP), which Ukraine insists it is acknowledged by NATO to have joined but has not yet joined. published because of Kiev’s sensitivity to people in the Kremlin.

Instead of Ukraine’s ambition to join NATO, US President Biden said that Ukraine still does not meet the standards required to join NATO.

“It depends on whether they meet the standard or not. The truth is that they still have to clean up corruption. They still have to meet other criteria to be in the Membership Action Plan (MAP). ) We’ll have to wait and see!” – Mr. Biden said.

The US leader also noted that the conclusion that Ukraine can join NATO or not will depend on the alliance, not just the US. But in the meantime, he said, the US would still “do all we can” to help Ukraine deal with Russia’s moves.

How did Biden choose NATO before Russia?
NATO also does not recognize Ukraine’s status in the MAP.

Meanwhile, the NATO Summit has more issues to consider than Ukraine. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg mentioned Ukraine only twice in his remarks to the press after the summit but both times did not mention Ukraine and the MAP – an integral part of the process of becoming a member of NATO. NATO members.

An expert of the National Interest Magazine said that the Biden administration is proposing to the Russian leader to “freeze” the situation in Europe. For Ukraine, this will be an uncomfortable time, as neither the European Union nor NATO will expand in the near future.

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