Source: Radio-Canada


Source: Radio-Canada

A rumor is circulating on social networks claiming that a 13-year-old teenager has died in Estrie after receiving a vaccine against COVID-19. However, the authorities assure that this is false information.

“A 13-year-old child died in Estrie, from a heart attack following one of the COVID-19 vaccines. I’m waiting for more detail. Hey Governments and Media, where are you (sic)? »Can we read in a Facebook publication distributed by the lawyer Estrienne Me Gloriane Blais May 26.

This post was quickly shared 1,100 times. Other Facebook users have in turn picked up this information in their own posts, including one that has been shared over 1,300 times. The rumor was further raised in videos from conspiratorial headliners.

The original publication contains few elements that would validate the information it contains. There is no name of the alleged victim or date of death, or even an indication of the precise location of the event.

Joined by phone, Me Blais accused us of “censoring the Internet”, then suddenly ended the discussion, without giving more details about the death she deplored, or how she had obtained this information.

The CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS denied this information. “After verification, this is an unfounded rumor”, assured the communications advisor Marie-Eve Nadeau.

Same story at the coroner’s office. The communications manager, Jake Lamotta Granato, also maintained that it was a false rumor.

In addition, no death of a 13-year-old person in recent weeks appears in the obituaries of the Estrie region and we have not been able to find any proof that a person of this age has died in this region. during this period.

We asked the Department of Health and Social Services if such a case could have occurred outside the Eastern Townships. “This is false information and false news,” replied Marjorie Larouche, public relations officer at the ministry. We confirm that this is a rumor and that no 13-year-old child has died as a result of the COVID-19 vaccination. “

Note that Me Blais modified his publication a little less than 12 hours after having distributed it. In the original message, it read, “I heard that a 13-year-old child died in Estrie, from a heart attack following one of the COVID-19 vaccines. If you have verified information, please write to me in private (sic). “