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Diablo 2 Resurrected announced and trailer released


The announcement was expected during this Blizzcon 2021 following the handover to the studio Vicarious Visions of the development of the remake. Check out the trailer for Diablo 2 Resurrected.

The Diablo universe is one of the pillars of Blizzard. Following the announcement of Diablo 4 at Blizzcon 2019 and the many rumors of a Diablo 2 remake, fans were eagerly awaiting this 2021 edition. If no date has yet been announced, Blizzard has made a presentation of what will be Resurrected. The game is already available for pre-order on the store for € 39.99. The American company also took advantage of the event to present a new class of Diablo 4, the ranger.

D2 + LoD
2 in 1 pack, Diablo 2 and LoD. Credit: Blizzard

When we talk about a remake of a legendary game, the community tends to be worried. Those who have played the original fear a slaughter of their favorite game while others may not see the point. Blizzard seems to have understood the problem well and wishes to remain as faithful as possible to the spirit of the franchise.

A remake faithful to the original?

During the presentation of Diablo 2, we can see mixed images of the original version as well as the remake. At first glance, the atmosphere and the graphic charter seem faithful to the original with modern renderings and lighting effects. In addition, for the nostalgic, an “original” mode will relive the experience as they knew it in the manner of the Starcraft remake. Here is the full video of Blizzard’s announcement.

Another important announcement, Diablo 2 will be ported to console and cross platform. A godsend for the multiplayer game then. While waiting for a release date, all you have to do is prepare your hammerdin, javazon, barbarian whirlwind, witch winter orb, necro bone spirit, ele druide or assa trap to go and titillate Andarielle, Mephisto, Diablo , Baal and others in a devastated Tristram.

Blizzcon announcements

Of course, today’s Blizzcon wasn’t just about Diablo 2, a new class of Diablo 4 has also been announced. The prowler therefore joins the barbarian, the druid and the witch. The class seems to shine in assassination using daggers and fluid movements while having the ability to maintain distance from opponents through the use of the bow.

For its 30th anniversary, Blizzard has also announced its Arcade Collection. The Lost Viking, Rock N ‘Roll Racing and Blackthorn were the first big hits of the firm and allowed Blizzard to embark on big projects such as Diablo and World of Warcraft. They will be available in a pack but the release date is not yet known.

World of Warcraft was once again a great success this year with the release of Shadowlands. While WoW is announced as dead and buried with each expansion, it sold 3.7 million copies on the day of its release. A record on PC, subsequently broken by Cyberpunk 2077. Shadowlands allowed Blizzard to record a net profit 50% higher than in 2019.

The Blizzcon continues today with some important new announcements to come.

Source : arstechnica


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